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Registry and Academic Affairs is a wide and varied department, responsible for supporting students throughout their journey at the University of Nottingham.  As a professional service we are here to support our students and cover everything from the registration process, choosing their modules of study, helping with sources of financial and funding support, signposting to welfare and wellbeing resources, managing their academic journey including partnerships with other institutions, periods of mobility or study abroad, placements in industry, managing their timetable, assessment, complaints, general queries, award of their degree and then finally their graduation.

We are a constant in high times and low times, offering a professional, reliable, and timely service. Sometimes this support is direct to the student themselves, sometimes it is to academic and other colleagues in Schools and Faculties or professional services, but ultimately, we’re trying to enable students to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Below you will find information on our leadership team, learn more about out department and our mission and goals, and view available vacancies.

If after browsing these pages, you would like to find out more about the services we offer, you can visit our student and staff pages.

Tracey George - Interim Director of Registry and Academic Affairs

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