Creating communities where we can work and live together in a cooperative socio-dynamic way. A place where rent is affordable and workload is divided and shared.



Since embarking on my architecture journey at Nottingham, I have been designing functional communal spaces that bring people together to share not only living space, but workspace, and resources. In this cooperative way of living, communities can foster sustainable relationships with each other and with their environment. 

Arielle Shaul, BArch Architecture 




Living Together: New Living Typologies and Infrastructures of Care

The theme for Unit 3A this year is “Living Together: New Living Typologies and Infrastructures of Care”. We were asked to explore creative ways in which communities - and the many varied backgrounds and abilities of the people within those communities - can work and live together in a cooperative socio-dynamic way, where workload is divided and shared.

The Fermentation Station is a communal housing project based in De Beauvoir Town, in London, centred around the process of fermentation. Fermentation is an activity that anyone can participate in, and when integrated into a lifestyle, can be a unique way of living. It promotes health and sustainability in terms of both food production and waste reduction.

This project is aimed at people with an interest in food, fermentation, or a holistic lifestyle, and gives them an opportunity to live in a community where rent is more affordable in return for giving hours towards the activities based in The Fermentation Station scheme. 



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