Integrating public spaces into a local community.



I am a third-year undergrad student from Hertfordshire. By working in Unit 2C I have explored adaptivity, and how adaptive features can be implementing into a building across a range of timescales. I developed a particular interest in long term adaptive structures, where an underlying structural system can expand and contract with refitted enclosures within it in response to changing requirements from the buildings users.

David Mintoft, BArch Architecture





The IAC aims to integrate within the existing community, responding to the cinema and public transport to create lively, active public spaces within the site. These public spaces are continued onto the first floor where open views and clear circulation routes encourage exploration of the building.

A tartan grid was used to organize spaces in both plan and section. This rationalization of spatial organization creates a highly legible building which celebrates and expresses its structure, services and circulation. Additionally, the “kit of parts” structure can be demounted and refitted, expanding and contracting as the needs of the building change. This long-term adaptive feature is supplemented with shorter term implementations. The workshop space has an ETFE shell that moves sideways, expanding the workshop space or opening it completely to the onsite trees that are harvested for material.

Unit 2C focuses on these adaptive features and exploring them through physical model making. These adaptive features allow the buildings to fit a wider range of requirements for a longer period of time, especially as climate change is leading to ever changing environmental performance requirements. And exploring these features in physical models lead to a more comprehensive technical understanding of their function.



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