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Library facilities

Information about the facilities available in our UK libraries and where to find them. 

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What's available in our libraries?

Details of facilities available in our eight UK libraries.

Library facilities
 Book  return
iPad loan
Laptop loan Print, copy
and scan
Walk-in User computer
Business Library Yes Yes (opposite) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Denis Arnold Music Library No No No No Yes No No
Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
George Green Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Greenfield Medical Library
Yes Yes
(in foyer)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hallward Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
James Cameron-Gifford Library Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manuscripts and Special Collections No Yes (next door) No Yes Yes No Yes

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Study zones and rooms

Our libraries have a variety of study zones and rooms, so you can choose a location to suit your study style, from group work in open plan areas to individual study carrels in silent zones. 

Library facilities
 Assistive technology roomGroup study roomsPostgraduate roomsSilent study zone
Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Yes Yes No Yes
George Green Library* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Greenfield Medical Library
No Yes No Yes
Hallward Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
James Cameron-Gifford Library No Yes No Yes


Please note that the George Green ATR (Room B05) is still in the process of being equipped, so may not yet have the full range of Assistive Technology we intend to offer. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the service or facilities we offer, please contact 

Our smaller libraries (Business Library, Denis Arnold Music Library and Manuscripts and Special Collections) all provide a mix of individual and group study areas with a quiet atmosphere. There are also individual study rooms available in George Green Library and a postgraduate study area on F floor.

Booking group study rooms

Rooms can be booked through the Room Bookings link on NUsearch. Click on the three dots to see all the menu options.

The bookings are for 3 hour slots but you can hold 2 bookings at a time, and these can be requested back to back to create a longer 6 hour session.

If you book in advance please remember to pick up your key within the first 30 minutes of your slot, otherwise your booking will lapse. Any of our library staff wearing a green lanyard can help if you need assistance

George Green Library rooms are available for use without booking:  

The group study rooms on floors B and C vary in size and seat between 6 to 8 people, they all have a large screen for collaborative work.

The bookable rooms B02, B08, C08, C09, C10 and C11 can be requested on NUsearch up to 1 month in advance. 

How to book group study rooms video

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Print, copy and scan

You can print, copy and scan in all libraries using the UoN Print Service multi-functional devices (MFDs).

Print, copy and scan

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Laptop and tablet loans

You can borrow a laptop or iPad for up to three hours use in the library. You may be able to renew your loan subject to availability.

Laptops and iPads can be borrowed from library lending desks or self-service lockers where available.

For the conditions of loan download the guidelines for using the laptop and tablet loan service

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Assistive technology rooms

There are three Assistive Technology Rooms available. Please see our Enhanced Library Support pages for more information. 

Booking the Assistive Technology Rooms

Book the assistive technology rooms by: 

Please let us know:

  • which library you wish to use
  • the date and time you need the room
  • the duration required (up to three hours)
  • your Library Card number

You may hold four bookings of three hours at any one time.

On arrival

  • Collect the key from the lending desk (you have 30 minutes from the beginning of the booking to collect)
  • You will need to sign for it and show your University or Library Card
  • Return the key to the lending desk at the end of the session
  • You can ‘drop in’ to use the room if it’s free but will need to show your Access Card when you collect the key from the lending desk
Available software
 Hallward Library
Level One, Room 126, University Park
Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Jubilee Campus 
Jaws: screen reader Yes  Yes 
ZoomText: magnifier/reader
(22" monitor)
Yes Yes
Kurzweil 1000: edit/scan Yes  Yes 
Kurzweil 3000: study skills Yes  Yes 
Dragon Naturally Speaking: voice recognition Yes Yes
Text Help Read and Write: study skills Yes  Yes 

Available hardware
 Hallward Library
Level One, Room 126, University Park 
Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Jubilee Campus 
Video magnifier Yes  Yes 
Scanner Yes  Yes 
Various mice and keyboards  Yes  Yes 
Foot rests Yes  Yes 
Writing slope
Yes  Yes 
Printer Yes  Yes 
Wrist support Yes  No 
Neck loop Yes  No 


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