Good neighbours

Although we have a large student population in Nottingham, university students make up only about 12.5% of Nottingham's total population, and in outlying areas, it's even less. Many of your neighbours may have to be up early for work, have young families or might be elderly.

Even in some of the areas with high student populations like Lenton, Dunkirk, Radford and Beeston, there are a number of long-term residents living there too. It's important to remember that you are part of a diverse community and our neighbours may have different lifestyles and are unlikely to welcome loud noise or parties.


Undergraduate students walking through Nottingham City Centre



Things you can do to help

  • Say hello - if you introduce yourself and are approachable, your relationship with your neighbours is much more likely to be a positive one. Try exchanging names and contact details with your neighbour and look out for each other.
  • Let your neighbours know if you're planning to have people over. Keep it to a Friday or Saturday night, agree an acceptable time for it to end, and keep the music and especially the bass turned down. Keep the gathering inside and close all doors and windows. Excessively late, loud and large house parties are not acceptable at any time of the week and cause huge distress to neighbours living close by.
  • When leaving your house to go on a night out - and then when returning late in the evening - please keep the noise to a minimum and advise taxi drivers not to beep their horns.
  • If you’re walking into or through the city you can’t drink alcohol in the street as Nottingham is protected by a PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order). It is an offence not to surrender alcohol when asked to do so. Don’t let your drink get poured down the drain; leave it at home.
  • Look out and care for your neighbours and community. If you see anything untoward, let your neighbours or the local authority know about it. Everyone has a part to play in keeping the community safe.

Be a Clean Champion and pick up a bit of litter and put it in the bin.

Student Ambassadors keeping the streets of Radford and Lenton clean and promoting good neighbour values