Room Exchanges and Early Departures

If you have found yourself in an exceptional circumstance, there are options available to you. It may be possible to change your room type or hall during the year, although it can take considerable time and we would prefer to discuss ways that your problems can be resolved without a move. The Residential Experience Team (ResX Team) are on hand to support you in your halls of residence.

Each Hall has a dedicated team available when you need help and advice around the variety of challenges that you may be facing. You can contact ResX on 0115 748 7600.


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Please be aware that room transfers will not always be possible.


Room exchanges within your current hall

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If you are in catered halls and want to transfer within your hall to another room, please submit your request to your Welcome Point. Room moves within hall are subject to a £50 fee as per Clause 14 of your Licence Agreement.


Non Catered

If you are in a University-arranged self-catered site and want to transfer within your site to another room, please submit your request to the site management team. Please note there will normally be an associated transfer charge.



Room exchanges across halls and sites

  • To give you time to settle into your accommodation, requests for a transfer will be considered after October 9 2023.
  • To log a request to move from a University managed site please login to the Accommodation Portal and go to Room Transfers.
  • To log a request to move from a self-catered partnership site to another site (catered or self-catered) please use our online form
  • For room transfer requests from or to third party sites you will need a replacement for your licence as you will have a legally binding contract with your current accommodation provider and we will therefore need to match you with another student who wishes to moveto your provider.
  • Please note that we are unable to guarantee that we can resolve your transfer request as this will be dependant upon a number of factors.
  • Timeframes for assisting may vary considerably however if we have been unable to assist earlier you can expect an update on your request every four weeks.


Early departures from licence/contract

If you are moving to non-University-arranged accommodation or leaving the University early please see below:


UON Managed

  • Catered Halls
  • Dagfa
  • Varsity
  • Melton

Please visit our Request to Terminate Licence Guidelines


University arranged – Self-catered sites

  • UPP Broadgate Park
  • Unite
  • ACIS Students
  • Prestige Student Living
  • Student Roost
  • Campus Living Villages

Discuss your request with your site management team and they will advise you.


Please note You should normally expect to continue to pay for the full year's accommodation fee.

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