Terminate Licence Guidelines

The following information only applies to students who hold a Licence with the University of Nottingham; if you hold a licence with another accommodation provider different policies and guidelines will apply, please contact your accommodation provider directly for further information. 

Hall Leaver Policy and Procedure 

  1. This Policy applies only to those students of the University of Nottingham who have entered into a licence agreement with the University that allows them to occupy rooms on University Park, Jubilee Campus, and in Dagfa and Varsity.
  2. This Policy does not apply to students living in any accommodation other than that listed above.
  3. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the terms of the Agreement.
  4. Under the terms of the Agreement, students remain liable for accommodation fees for the full licence period even if they do not occupy the room for the whole of the period, unless a replacement occupier can be found.
  5. However, if a student ceases to be a full-time registered student of the University due to:

            5.1.     taking a voluntary interruption of studies; or

            5.2.     withdrawing from their studies,

          the University will follow the procedure set out below to determine whether a student can terminate the Agreement and, if so, their final liability for accommodation fees.

     6.  Other than in the circumstances described at paragraph 5 above or as set out in the Agreement, the University  will not consider any requests from students to terminate their Agreement.


  1. Students who wish to terminate their Agreement early must complete a licence termination request via the accommodation portal as soon as possible. Any undue delay may affect the outcome of the Termination Request.
  2. As part of the submission process, students will be required to provide supporting evidence for their Termination Request.
  3. Within 7 working days of submission of the Termination Request, the Accommodation Office Manager or an individual acting on their behalf will consider the Termination Request.
  4. If the Accommodation Office Manager decides to grant a Termination Request, they will then consider the student’s final liability for accommodation fees and timescales for payment of them, using the guidance set out below:


University of Nottingham Liability Guidelines for students who have suspended or withdrawn from the University
  Student's request to terminate received by Accommodation Services Recommended rent liability
 A On or Before 23 October 2023  28 days notice from date of submission of request to Accommodation Services
 B From 23 October until 20 November 2023  Full fees for term one
 C From 20 November to 14 January 2024  Term one plus Four chargeable weeks
 D From 15 January until 3 March 2024  Full fees for terms one and two
 E From 4 March to 28 April 2024  Full fees for terms one and two plus four chargeable weeks
 F From 29 April 2024 onwards  Full year fee


11.  The Accommodation Office Manager will inform the student of its decision in writing within ten working days of making it.

  12.  If a student is unhappy with a Decision, they will be entitled to ask for a review of it by writing to the Head of Accommodation Services but must do so within 30 days of receiving the Decision. A Review Request will only be granted on the grounds that a student:

         12.1   has a compelling argument to demonstrate that the Decision was unreasonable. Claims of this nature must be supported by evidence and a clear rationale for the unreasonable nature of the decision. Claims that amount simply to an expression of dissatisfaction with the decision will not be considered;

         12.2 believes that a procedural irregularity has occurred in the handling of your Termination Request; or

         12.3. is in possession of additional evidence which may have affected the Decision, but was unavailable at the time the Decision was made.

   13. The Head of Accommodation Services or an individual acting on their behalf will consider the Review Request. They will not usually consider the issues afresh and will inform the student of their decision in writing within 30 days of receiving the Review Request. If the Director of Accommodation Services decides to uphold the Decision, their letter will constitute a Completion of Procedures letter which students can use to ask the OIA to consider their case.