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The information below is for students moving into University managed catering accommodation on University Park and Jubilee Campus as well as our self-catered sites: Dagfa, Varsity and Melton Hall. If you are moving into any other site, please contact your relevant provider


You can also find plenty of other helpful guides to help you discover life in our halls. 

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Here’s what to expect in a typical day 

Below you will find information on catering, your Residential Experience Team and socialising in halls. Scroll down for handy guidance on everything you might need to know from collecting your parcels to doing your laundry.

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Welcome Point

Your Welcome Point is your designated team to speak to during your stay in halls. You can contact the team on 0115 748 7600. The Welcome Point team will deal with all enquiries during your time in halls, and should be treated as your first point of contact if you have questions about your room, hall maintenance, catering or room changes.

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Please see our website for the address and contact details of your Hall/Site here. There is one contact number for all welcome points, you are then given the options for the one you want, and it also has a link to ResX and Security. The Phone number is 0115 74 87600. To contact them via email please see Welcome Point Email Addresses and look for your Hall.


Cost of living

Money management is an important part of student life. Whether you are living away from home for the first time, are an international student moving to the UK to study, or a mature student who has lived independently before, you will need to carefully consider your income versus expenditure to make sure you have all the essentials covered during your time at university. Find out more about the cost of living at university.


Posts and Parcels

For University Park, parcels can be collected from the Student Post room located at Derby Hall, it is open Mon - Fri 11am to 6pm. The Student Post room also operate the Quadient Parcel Lockers located next to the Post room. These will be used particularly for out of hours collections and students will be notified by email on receipt of post. For Dagfa House and Varsity you can collect from Dagfa and for Jubilee Campus you can collect at your Welcome Point. When ordering non-Amazon parcels, ensure that you use your hall of residence address with your full name.

For all Amazon parcels please use the Amazon lockers that are located throughout our campuses. When ordering, remember to choose one of the amazon locker locations. Here's a how to guide for using Amazon Lockers.

  • Nightingale Hall (locker search name - ting)
  • Derby Hall (locker search name - emmitt)
  • Cripps Hall (locker search name – kidding)
  • Newark Hall (locker search name – karam) 
  • Medical School (locker search name – Gideon)


Top tips for a safe and enjoyable time throughout your stay:

  • Get to know your Residential Experience and Welcome Point teams.
  • It is a good idea to put important telephone numbers into your phone, for example Welcome Point, Residential Experience Team and Security in an emergency (you can contact Halls and ResX on 0115 748 7600).
  • Keep safe, keep valuables out of sight, always close your windows and lock your door when your room is unoccupied.
  • Respect staff and your fellow students. We are all here to help you, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of team.
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself and embrace Hall life. 



If you encounter any maintenance issues in your room, even if it is just a dripping tap or door slamming shut, you need to report this to your Welcome Point. You can pop in and see them, or they can be contacted by phone and email.When one of our team or a contractor attend, we will ask you to leave your room until the maintenance has been completed.

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Washing and drying clothes is really easy. You will need to download the Circuit Laundry app, add credit to your account, and simply scan the QR code to begin your wash.Laundry rooms are cleaned daily on weekdays, and you can see when machines are free by visiting the Circuit website here. If you need to contact Circuit directly, you can phone them on 0800 092 4068.

TV License

TVs are available in common rooms across our halls. However, if you wish to bring a TV for your room, you will need to pay for a TV licence – this will also apply if you are watching any live TV on other devices, including laptops and tablets. You can find out more about TV licences here.



Staying Active

If you’re living in University-owned halls on University Park and Jubilee campus (plus Dagfa House and Varsity) then your Active Living package is included in your accommodation. It offers all the same benefits as our UoN sport and fitness membership, plus an exclusive schedule of sessions and events for you and your hall friends. You can find out more about the package here

If you are living in other accommodation, then our great value sport and fitness membership for students is a fantastic option. It covers all three of our campus locations, including access to our fitness suites, pool, climbing wall and over 150 weekly classes. You can find out more here

IT & Internet

Wi-Fi is available in all of our halls, at no extra cost. The halls on University Park campus and Jubilee campus have Wi-Fi throughout, to find out how to connect to this service click here . At Dagfa and Varsity the Wi-Fi is provided by Glide, to find out how to connect to this service click here.

Visit the IT Induction hub to get started with IT at the university.

If you need help and advice, then contact the Digital and Technology Services team here.



Nottingham sign, University Park



Look out for your cleaning schedule from your Welcome Point team within the first few days of arrival. You need to keep your room reasonably tidy and remember to take out your personal rubbish to the designated refuse and recycling area. Remember to clean up spillages and wash up and put crockery and cutlery away. A vacuum is available to borrow from a designated area at your hall. 

Living in a self-catered hall or a third-party? You can get information on your cleaning by contacting your site directly

Undergraduate student in bedroom at Nightingale Hall University Park


Room inventory

You are required to complete an online inventory within three days of arriving, we will assume everything is in order and that all the contents are there if we do not receive it within this timeframe. A link will be sent from your Welcome Point Team and can also be located here.


You can bring your own bedding to your new room with you to make your room more homely. 

Bedding packs are available to purchase via the Online Store if you need one. 



Notice to enter your room

Please allow access to the housekeeping team on the scheduled cleaning day.

When general maintenance is needed in your room, you will receive an email to notify you that someone will be coming in the next 7 working days. When emergency maintenance is needed, we may need to enter your room without notice to carry out urgent repairs. Room Inspections will be carried out three times during the licence period and you will be notified when they will happen.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

We are here to help if you need assistance with the safe evacuation of your hall of residence.

In the first instance you should contact Disability Support Services. You should also have identified this to us on your accommodation application form.

If you incur an injury while here and require temporary support, for instance if you cannot manage the stairs if you have broken your leg then let your Hall Management team know.   



Students walking past Florence Boot Hall, University Park

University Card

You will use your University Card to access certain buildings, to spend your MealPass Package allowance, and for general life around campus. 

If you lose your University Card, you will need to report this and arrange for a replacement card. Replacements will cost £15.




Please make sure you keep your key safe and on your person at all times. If you lose your key at any point, please report this to your designated Welcome Point as soon as possible. You can purchase a new key from our online shop here. If you are on a 31 week licence you will need to return your key to the Welcome Point at the end of each term, you will also need to return your keys at the end of your booking, failing to do so will incur a £20 charge. 


If you are planning on inviting a visitor to stay overnight, you will need to sign them in via an online form for fire and safety purposes. An overnight visitor is permitted to stay for up to three nights across a 7 day period. If your visitor is not registered as an overnight guest, they will need to vacate the premises by 11pm. You will be responsible for your visitor’s behaviour for the duration of their stay, so please ensure that they are following resident rules. If you are planning to be away from your room overnight, you should sign out too. 




If you are a resident in one of our halls on campus, you are not able to bring your car with you, unless a medical exemption applies. More information can be found here.  

Bike Storage

If you are bringing your bike with you, you will find numerous bike storage facilities around campus and at your hall – just remember to bring your own lock. To gain access, you need to speak with your Welcome Point. Please note that bikes are left at your own risk and are not covered by your contents insurance.




If you have booked a 31 week licence then you need to vacate your room by 10.00 am the Saturday after the last day of term. Please ensure your room is left in a clear state, all rubbish deposited in bins and fridge is emptied. Keys should be returned to your Welcome Point.

If you have booked a 39 week licence then you do not need to vacate your room until the last day of your booking and follow the above instructions. If you plan to leave your room during the vacation period for any length of time please sign out for Fire/ Health and Safety reasons. 

Leaving Halls Early

Should you decide to leave the university, please refer to section 14 of the Hall Licence Agreement. Please also refer to the University website and complete the relevant form once your suspension of studies has been agreed. If you are experiencing difficulties please log your request and consult with the Residential Experience Team for further support.



Students eating in Derby Hall Cafe situated in Derby Hall accommodation, University Park Campus


As well as making new friends and adjusting to your studies, food is a big part of life here in halls! Here’s everything you need to know.

In our catered halls, we are dedicated to providing fresh, healthy and delicious meals catering to various dietary needs.  We take pride in sourcing sustainable, quality-assured ingredients, including free-range eggs, Red Tractor-assured meat, and responsibly farmed fish.

To see a sample of the food that is available in halls, view our menus page. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact your catering team; you may have already done this prior to arrival.

There are also various bars and cafes available on campus. These are the ideal location for a quick bite to eat in the day, or a sociable drink in the evening.

Eating in halls

There are plenty of options for everyone. Your MealPass includes 12 meals a week, where you get five breakfasts and five dinners from Monday to Friday and you can have two meals at the weekend, which can be brunch or dinner, where you can dine flexibly either in your own hall or another hall. In addition, you are entitled to a weekly £25 MealPass Package to spend across a number of retail stores, cafes, bars and food outlets on campus. If you run out of credits, you can easily top up your MealPass via the app. Experience the wonderful benefits of MealPass by embracing exciting flash sales, weekly and monthly deals at chosen outlets, and engaging in bi-monthly giveaways.

If you have any problems with your MealPass Package, please contact or call us on 0115 74 84997 Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.




In Catered Halls, you will find pantries throughout the building. Please keep these areas clean and tidy to avoid pests. Ensure you wash your crockery and cutlery after use and do not leave personal items in the pantry. The bins are only for pantry waste, not bedroom waste. In catered halls there is equipment available in each pantry for students to use (toaster, kettle, microwave, iron, and ironing board). Please do not use any personal electrical items in the pantries. 

Rubbish and Recycling

All students are asked to empty their own bins by taking the contents to the external refuse and recycling connected to your hall. You should familiarise yourself with the location of these upon arrival. Along with the general waste bins there are also recycling bins provided, which should be used where possible.  

You are asked not to leave bags of rubbish in the corridors and pantries as this is a fire risk to you and to others.




Essential Information you should know

Below you will find information on catering, your Residential Experience Team and socialising in halls. Scroll down for handy guidance on everything you might need to know from collecting your parcels to doing your laundry. 

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