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Presessional and international foundation

Courses run on various dates through the academic year at the Centre of English Language Education and the University of Nottingham International College. If you are applying through CELE or UNIC, we are here to help you settle in to your new city. We can help you with single occupancy accommodation. However, for courses that run outside of typical study periods availability may vary and room moves may be required.


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Information for agents

Agents applying on behalf of students should use the student's own email address. We will send accommodation offers to this address for students to review and accept. All agreements are made between the student and accommodation provider so students must accept their offer themselves.


Postgraduate students in a CELE class, Xu Yafen Building, Jubilee Campus



Pre-sessional Students

We have the following accommodation options:

10 Week Pre-sessional Courses starting 20 June 2024

6 Week Pre-sessional Courses starting 1 August 2024

Your fees will be confirmed in your offer letter after you have completed your application. . 

How to apply  

To book accommodation for your pre-sessional course you will need to submit an online application, You will receive a response at least four weeks prior to your course commencing.. 

UNIC Students - applying for September 2024 accommodation

Step 1

Look through all the accommodation options. 

Make sure you understand the criteria of the accommodation guarantee.

Step 2

If you have firmly accepted your offer at the University of Nottingham and have your Nottingham ID, you can apply for accommodation. You will need your Nottingham ID to access the online form and complete registration.


Step 3

You will make a selection based on the following preferences:

  • Location
  • Room type
  • Catered or self-catered
  • Cost
  • Contract length

Step 4

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then receive further details of your accommodation offer within four weeks.You will need to accept your licence/tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions which include your full liability for all fees (subject to registering as a full-time student at the University of Nottingham).

If for any reason you will no longer be attending the University or do not require your accommodation, it is your responsibility to cancel your accommodation in accordance with the accommodation providers’ terms and conditions.


Accommodation Guarantee

We will guarantee you a room in University-arranged accommodation* for your first year if you:

1.     firmly accept your offer of a course place at the University of Nottingham

2.     apply to us for accommodation 

3.     accept your accommodation licence/tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions by the deadline given in your residential offer letter

* In order to fulfil our guarantee we may offer accommodation that is not in one of our advertised residences. We may also offer temporary accommodation, or a place in a room shared with another student for a short time. We offer this until we are able to transfer you to suitable permanent accommodation.