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Frequently asked questions

If you are a current or prospective student and you have a question to ask, we may be able to answer it below. Check out our frequently asked questions for advice and guidance. 

These questions are updated on a regular basis as we receive queries and as we move through the academic year.

If you do not find your question or need further help you can reach out to us on our contact page, or contact us using the live chat button in the lower right corner.

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Applying for accommodation
When can I apply for accommodation?
Applications for 2024/25 will open on 3 April 2024. Only students who have firmly accepted their offer (conditional or unconditional) at the University of Nottingham will be able to apply for accommodation..
I am having trouble accessing the accommodation portal? 

If you are experiencing issues with the accommodation portal please try the following steps:

  • Delete cache data

  • Use a different web browser or device

Which ID number do I need to use to make an application?

Undergraduate: You will need your UCAS personal number (10 digits) to access the online form and complete registration (such as 1234567891). If you are unable to enter a UCAS personal number, please contact your school or college for further details.

Postgraduate: You will need your Application ID (8 digits) to access the online form (such as 12345678).

Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number.

I cannot register for an accommodation account. What should I do?

Ensure you have made Nottingham your firm choice and allow 48 hours after accepting your course offer before registering on our online portal.

If you have made Nottingham your insurance choice, you can only apply for accommodation if you change your reply to firm.

Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number.

have registered but I cannot log into my account. What should I do?

You need to validate your email address once registered for an account and then log in using your details. Your username is your email address and password you would have set up upon registration however, this can be reset.

Please check spam and junk folders for the email to validate your email address.

I cannot verify my details to make an account. What should I do?

Please ensure you firmly accepted your course offer at least 48 hours ago. Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number – this is a common user error.

Ensure you are using your email address when logging into the online form. Please check spam and junk folders for the email to validate your email address.

Am I guaranteed University-arranged accommodation?

We will guarantee you a room in University-arranged accommodation* for one year if you:

  1. firmly accept your offer of a place on a course at the University of Nottingham

  2. apply to us for accommodation by 31 July 2024

  3. accept your accommodation licence/tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions by the deadline given in your residential offer letter

* In order to fulfil our guarantee we may offer accommodation that is not in one of our advertised residences. We may also offer temporary accommodation or a place in a room shared with another student for a short time. We offer this until we are able to transfer you to suitable permanent accommodation.

In catered halls what is the difference between a 31 and a 39-week licence?

31-week licence is term-time only.

39-week licence includes four weeks of accommodation during Christmas and four weeks of accommodation in Easter vacation on a room only basis. Easter vacation does include catering. 

You will be required to fully vacate your room during the vacation periods unless you have booked a 39 week licence.

Will I get my first choice of accommodation?

Rooms are allocated upon receipt of your application in line with availability at that time and we therefore recommend you apply as soon as you can once you have firmly accepted your offer with the University.

You shall need to make a minimum of three preferences on your accommodation application so ensure you choose these according to your preferences.

Will I get more than one offer of accommodation? 
Students will receive only one offer of accommodation from the preferences they selected on their application. If they are unhappy with the offer, they will need to contact the accommodation office to discuss their options. 
The accommodation I wanted to apply for is not showing on the online application form, can I still apply for it?
Unfortunately not, if we no longer have any availability for a certain room type/site then the relevant option is removed from the online application form. You will need to make your selections based on the preferences listed as available at the time of application.
I have submitted my application, can I change my preferences?

Once you have submitted your accommodation application it is not possible to amend via the accommodation portal.

If you have made an error on your application, you will need to contact us via the enquiry form. Please remember to include your full name and ID number in all correspondence.

I need a specific room due to my medical needs
Please provide details in your online application and we will contact you to discuss further. If you have any queries before you submit your application, please contact us via the enquiry form
Can I apply for accommodation as an Insurance Student? 


Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications for accommodation from Insurance applicants. you can only apply for accommodation if you change your reply to firm.

Does my room have a fridge? 

Some of our catered rooms will include a fridge in the room. You can check our room listings for more information. 

If you need a fridge in your room for the storage of medicines or for a specific need, you can tell us here and we can make arrangements for you.

Current Students
How do I pay my fees?

Payments for Broadgate Park (including Albion House and Cloister House), Dagfa, Varsity, University Park and Jubilee Campus

There are various tasks you need to complete before you join us on campus. These will make sure you are ready to start and can access all the systems you need during your first weeks.

How much to pay?

Your accommodation fee will have been detailed in your accommodation offer. The amount due each term will also show on the Accommodation Portal where you are allocated to Dagfa, Varsity, University Park, Jubilee Campus.


  Due Date Amount Due
 University of Nottingham Halls  14 September 2023  £250 Reservation
 UPP Broadgate Park  14 September 2023

£250  Damage Deposit

£250  Reservation Fee

 1st Instalment  See * below  As per contract less Reservation Fee
 2nd Instalment  17 January 2024  As per contract
 3rd Instalment  1 May 2024  As per contract


* If you are reliant on a SFE Maintenance Loan to pay your 2023/24 accommodation fees, please ensure a minimum payment of £250.00 (plus £250.00 damage deposit for students staying at Broadgate Park) is received by 14 September 2023, with the balance of your 1st instalment to be paid by 9 October 2023.


  Due Date  Amount Due
University of Nottingham Halls 12 September 2024  £250 Reservation
UPP Broadgate Park 12 September 2024 £250  Damage Deposit

£250  Reservation Fee

 1st Instalment See * below As per contract less Reservation Fee
 2nd Instalment 15 January 2025 As per contract
 3rd Instalment 3 May 2025 As per contract


* If you are reliant on a SFE Maintenance Loan to pay your 2024/25 accommodation fees, please ensure a minimum payment of £250.00 (plus £250.00 damage deposit for students staying at Broadgate Park) is received by 12 September 2024, with the balance of your 1st instalment to be paid by 7 October 2024.

If you need help with your finances, there is lots of support and advice available from the University.

I have decided not to continue with my studies and leave the University. Can I get a refund on my accommodation? 

Where a student has suspended [TC2]  or withdrawn from the University their liability for accommodation fees may be reduced in consideration of their ceasing to be a full-time registered student.

Liability for accommodation fees will be assessed based on your registration status with the University, the date you plan to leave, the date of your leaver’s request submission, and any exceptional medical considerations/circumstances (supporting documentation will be required).

More detail on this is available on the accommodation web pages.

Can I request a room exchange? 

If you are in halls and want to move to another room it is possible, find our guidance on how to start this process below. 

  • To log your request with Accommodation Services please complete the online transfer request form.  
  • For room transfer requests from or to third party sites you will need a replacement for your licence as you will have a legally binding contract with your current accommodation provider and we will therefore need to match you with another student who wishes to move to your provider. 
  • Please note that we are unable to guarantee that we can resolve your transfer request as this will be dependant upon a number of factors.
  • Timeframes for assisting may vary considerably however if we have been unable to assist earlier you can expect an update on your request every four weeks. 

Please submit our Transfer Request Form

Where can I find information on living in halls? 

You can find answers to a variety of questions on what it is like living in halls in our Guide to Living in Halls. From parcels and laundry to parking and bike storage you can find it all.

Your Arrival Guide

Where can I find my hall address?

You can find your halls address on our Halls of Residence webpages. 

Halls of Residence

Can I stay on campus next year? 

Yes. If you enjoyed your time in halls or are interested in staying in halls during your second year and beyond you can apply for accommodation on campus as a returner. 

Applications normally open in December, and can be completed through the accommodation portal.

Check out the Stay in Halls Webpages for more information


Where can I find information about my Active Living package?

If you’re living in University-owned halls on University Park and Jubilee campus (plus Dagfa House and Varsity) then your Active Living package is included in your accommodation. It offers all the same benefits as our UoN sport and fitness membership, plus an exclusive schedule of sessions and events for you and your hall friends.

If you are living in other accommodation, then our great value sport and fitness membership for students is a fantastic option. It covers all three of our campus locations, including access to our fitness suites, pool, climbing wall and over 150 weekly classes.

Find out more about your Active Living package Find out more about sport and fitness membership

Residential Experience

Who should I speak too if I am worried about anything whilst living in Halls?

Please speak to your Residential Experience Team who can help on a wide range of issues around your wellbeing living with us. You can contact them on 0115 748 7600 Option 2 from 9am till 3am Monday to Friday and 5pm – 3am Saturday and Sunday or drop them an email:


What kind of things would I contact the Residential Experience Team for?

Any kind of advice on a situation you may need help with! This could be friendship issues, mental health concerns, communal living challenges, advice on how to contact academic teams or just someone to have a friendly chat with! The Residential Experience Team can signpost into University professional services which includes the Counselling Team. 



We hope this will help answer your query, however if you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.