Respect your community

As a student registered with the University of Nottingham, you are signed up to the Student Charter, acknowledging the following expectations:

  • That you are a respectful member of the University and the wider Nottingham community
  • That you engage with the exciting opportunities available to you at the university and in the local community
  • That you recognise your responsibility to respect the community both on and off campus
  • That you act as an ambassador for the university by thinking of those around you



You are held accountable to the Code of Discipline for Students and this covers all behavioural expectations of University of Nottingham students. The following sections in particular are most relevant to living in a mixed community setting, and will not be tolerated:

Committing a criminal offence

  • Behaviour which constitutes a criminal offence, committed while on university premises or while engaged in university activities or which may bring the university into disrepute (for example, criminal behaviour in a community or other public setting)
  • Possession and use of illegal materials (eg drugs, offensive weapons) Note: where the university becomes aware of a potential criminal offence, we may report this to the police

Community misconduct

  • Creating excessive noise or disturbance impacting neighbours (both in University accommodation and/or within the residential community)
  • Lack of upkeep in relation to a residence including management of rubbish


The university works closely with the Police and Nottingham City Council Community Protection teams to ensure the safety of our students and also to address any student-related issues in the community. All community issues and concerns, including incidents of antisocial behaviour, are reported back to the university and further action will be taken if the Code of Discipline is found to be breached. This partnership is facilitated by an agreed protocol to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.

Please don't let this happen to you. Remember that you live in a mixed community with neighbours that have a different lifestyle to you. Manage your waste properly, keep your bins tidy, and keep noise to a reasonable volume.


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