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Adjustments to examination arrangements

If you require adjustments to your examinations because you have a disability, a long-term medical condition or a Specific Learning Difference such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D,  you will need to be assessed by Academic & Disability Support. Please follow this link to make an appointment.

Arrangements that can be made for your exams may be in the form of additional time, rest breaks, the use of a computer or the use of a separate room.

If you require adjustments to your examinations for an accident / short term illness please contact your home school.

For more information please visit our Accident and short term illness examination arrangements webpage. 

Long Term Adjustments


Guidance for students who require adjustments to their examinations due to a long term medical or academic condition 

Accident and Short Illnesses


Guidance for students who require adjustments to their examinations due to an accident or a short term illness which only effects the upcoming exam period 




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