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Staff Supervision Areas

Within the school's research centres there are specific research areas for which supervisors would particularly welcome applications. 

Applications are not limited to these topics and you may suggest an alternative research topic provided you meet the following: 

  • The suggested topic is focused on one of the school's research centres and
  • There are staff appropriate to supervise the topic. Where this is the case, applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and make contact with a potential supervisor prior to submitting an application.

Centre for Research in Arts, Creativity and Literacy

The Centre for Research in Arts, Creativity and Literacy focuses on the arts, creativity and learning. The centre researches in schools, universities, museums and galleries, theatres and cinemas, and local neighbourhoods. They work with teachers, artists, writers, museum and gallery educators, community groups and arts and cultural organisations, big and small, locally, nationally and internationally.

Centre supervisors


Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management

The Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management is a national and international centre for cutting edge research in educational leadership and management and teachers' work, lives and effectiveness. Its members contribute through research, teaching, publication etc, to the development of high performing leaders, teachers and organisations.

Centre supervisors


Centre for Research in Human Flourishing 

The Centre for Research in Human Flourishing studies the processes and outcomes of optimal functioning, with particular interests in well-being, human potential, agency and autonomy, character strengths, social behaviour and human systems. The centre adopts an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the nature of social environments that best nurture development.

Centre supervisors


Centre for International Education Research

Centre for International Education Research (CIER) members are engaged in research that seeks to understand and enable education as a lifelong and lifewide practice that should promote social and ecological justice, equality, citizenship and democracy. Their research focuses on adult, vocational and higher education, informal learning and social movements across the globe.

Centre supervisors


Centre for Research in Mathematics Education  

The Centre for Research in Mathematics Education is known for the quality of its research and design on mathematics education policies, curricula, assessment, continuing professional development and classroom practice. Its particular strength lies in its emphasis on designing and analysing processes, products and experiences with and for teachers and learners.

Centre supervisors


Learning Sciences Research Institute

The Learning Sciences Research Institute is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary group who are learning about learning - through collaboration, invention, implementation, and dissemination. Their work explores the fundamental processes and practices of learning by researching within preschools, schools, universities, colleges, workplaces, and informal learning centres.

Centre supervisors


Languages Education and Literacies Research Group

The Languages Education and Literacies Research Group has a diverse range of members whose research interests reach from language acquisition to language for specific purposes, heritage languages, academic literacies, learner psychology, learner and teacher identity, second and heritage language pedagogy, multimodal social semiotics, literacies-based approaches to second/heritage language education, and discourse, genre, register and corpus studies in different educational and sociocultural contexts.  

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