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Our postgraduate courses allow our students to expand their knowledge, incorporating environmental design, sustainability and even business practices into their architectural studies.

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Trent Basin

Sustainable Optimised Urban Living (S.O.U.L)

Wirral Waters: A Community without Boundary



The National Waterways Museum Design

Liverpool Water

Vertical Communities Studio


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MArch Architecture and Sustainable Design

The MArch Architecture and Sustainable Design master’s programme is designed to equip postgraduate students, practitioners in architecture, and building industry professionals with the necessary skills to integrate environmental design principles from an early stage in the design process, enabling the delivery of truly sustainable buildings.

The course builds on a unique project-based approach to support the application of the social, environmental and technological aspects of sustainable architecture, taught in complementary modules, in equal measures in creative studio design projects. Topics covered include human comfort, energy efficiency, carbon management and urban regeneration, alongside accompanying tools to assess proposed design strategies. 


 MArch Architecture Design

The MArch Architecture Design programme focuses on the development and application of specialist architectural knowledge and advanced design techniques and technologies. The programme responds to the increasing competition in the professional procurement of buildings and the growing demand for specialist knowledge and skills in the pursuit of architectural excellence.

This programme offers students the opportunity to concentrate on architectural or urban design, humanities, environmental design and technology to a high level of sophistication without the need to work within a single specialist area. Design-led, this enables students to develop and apply specialist architectural knowledge and advanced architectural design techniques to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.  


MArch Architecture Design and Build

The MArch Architecture Design and Build programme focuses on the relationships between design and the physical creation of space. Our programme will explore the nature of making and production as they relate to architectural design and practice. 

The programme is designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn about architecture by making, to understand materials through hands-on exploration in their application, and ultimately to develop a critical response to the implications of design decisions on people and places. 

Within the programme, you will be able to develop design ideas at 1:1 scale and the integration with architecture student’s from varying backgrounds and experience levels. This also involves working on your own project with our design and build studio.


MArch Sustainable Urban Design

The MArch Sustainable Urban Design programme focuses on the design of the public and urban areas. The programme is designed to enable graduates to enhance the quality of cities around the world by bringing innovative design into a new relationship with the latest research. Modules focus on the structure of urban form, the way that cities function, and how people use them in order to create urban places that respond to the major opportunities and challenges facing society.

The programme covers all of the areas required of an urban designer in contemporary practice, including: public and urban design theory and practice; urban regeneration; sustainable urbanism theory and applications; and urban policy. This enables the programme to impart the knowledge and to develop the necessary skills to face the contemporary cultural, historical, social, economic, and environmental challenges in terms of achieving holistic sustainability in cities around the World.


MSc Sustainable Building Technology

The MSc course in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship has been designed timely in response to the worldwide commitment to tackle climate change and develop the renewable energy economy. The course has attracted a great interest not only from applicants with an engineering and science background but also from applicants with a management and economics background, who want to gain knowledge in the cutting-edge renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. This course aims to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to fulfil their ambition and contribution in the fast-growing renewable energy economy. 



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