External Relations

Requesting a new website

If your unit, school, department or conference needs a new website on the University's public-facing site, the Web Team can set up a blank folder for you to edit in the University's content management system (CMS). 

How to request a new web page(s)

You will need to provide: 

  • confirmation that you have discussed the web page(s) with your Web Coordinator
  • site name e.g. Institute for Medieval Research
  • details of CMS trained users who will be populating the site
  • purpose and target audience

After receiving your request, the Web Team will:

  • review your request and respond within two working days
  • set up the basic structure of your page(s)
  • give the users access to the location in the CMS

Web page creation process


More information

Additional requirements

If your site needs any of the following, please include this under 'Additional Information' on the form. 

External Domains

Does your site need a URL other than nottingham.ac.uk/yoursite?

Before requesting an external domain for your site, please read the Domain Names Policy and Procedure documents



Let us know if you have any URLs currently featured in print materials that will still need to work. 


Staff listings

Do you need a staff listing on your site?

If so, please contact your eStaff Profile administrator or Web Coordinator and ask them for your Unit ID.

Your admin will need this to set up your site's staff listing. 

The Web Team are not responsible for setting up your eStaff Profile


Special functionality

Guidance on what special functionality can be added to your site and which are unsupported by the CMS. 

Secure area

The CMS doesn't currently support the creation of password protected secure areas. 

Contact the IT Service Desk about using Workspace. 


Online registration

There are a number of options to feature online registration on your website: 

CMS forms

You can create simple forms in the CMS.

Download the forms user guide (PDF)

Online store

Set up your event for online booking on the University's online store

Contact Dominic Henry

Third party solutions

Many sites link to services such as Eventbrite for online registration. These are not supported by the Web Team.


Database connections

This is not currently supported by the CMS and would require further development.  

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