Waste Management

One of the big differences to living in halls is that when you’re in the community it is your responsibility to manage your waste effectively. Managing your waste properly means you can:

  • keep the streets and your community looking clean and tidy
  • support the environment by recycling as much as possible
  • avoid fines and disciplinary action for not keeping on top of your waste
  • keep your shared house or flat clean and tidy without smelly waste building up in your kitchen 
End of term move out

As you move out at the end of term, you may have acquired lots of items you no longer need. Before you decide to throw anything away, check if any of the items can be donated: 


Donations to British Heart Foundation

You can donate almost anything to the British Heart Foundation as long as it is in good condition and not broken. They accept clothes, shoes, books and electrical items. Please see the map of donation points to find your closest bank. They don't accept bedding or sharps.


Swap shop

If you want to donate bedding, you can donate it to the swap shop we're running at Thomas Helwys Church between 26th and 28th June 9am and 4pm. The bedding is taken by Trent Compassion who wash and redistribute them to refugees. You can also donate kitchenware at the swap shop. Any items which are not swapped are donated to local charities.


Excess waste facility

After you've checked if you can donate your items, make sure you recycle what you can so you don't fill up your general waste bin. You can then start filling up your general waste bin only with rubbish. If you find that you have more waste than can fit in your general waste bin, you should not leave this at the side of your bin as the council no longer will accept side waste. Instead, you can use our excess waste facility on King's Meadow Campus. We have organised for six extra large bins that you can take any excess general waste to. 


You can read more about donating and using our excess waste facility here.



Supporting your community and the environment


Step One

Understand the recycling scheme for where you live now. This could be very different to how recycling is managed at your ‘home’ address and in on-campus halls.

It’s not just what you recycle but how you recycle. Items need to be clean, dry and (in most areas) loose.

Students discussing waste management
Keep-your-neighbourhood-clean (1)

Step Two

Make sure you recycle – take a look at our webpage and find out how to recycle properly.


Step Three

What a load of rubbish – at the end of the year you will be moving out of your house and there tends to be a lot of waste generated. Check our specific information on how to manage excess waste at the end of term.

Too big for the bin? Check with your local council about their bulky waste collection services. In Nottingham the bulky waste removal service is free. Dumping waste in your garden or on the street is known as fly-tipping and can incur a hefty fine.

Your landlord or managing agent is responsible for disposing of their waste/furniture appropriately at no cost to tenants. Speak to Students’ Union Advice if you have issues with your landlord or agent.


Step Four

If you want to know more about recycling on and off campus then take a look at the university's #WasteNott campaign.