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Examination adjustments


Adjustments for examination arrangements.


Long term exam adjustments

As part of its commitment to equality of opportunity, the University believes that assessment methods should, as well as being appropriate to the academic objectives of the course, minimise the impact of a student's disability on performance in assessment. This means that some students may require adjustments to examination arrangements.

The University Guidelines set out the arrangements for organising the effective assessment of students who have a disability or long-term medical condition, including details of the procedure to follow to apply for adjustments to be made. The Overview, Policy and determination of adjustments to examination arrangements can be found in the Quality Manual.

Please see the Disability Support Services website for deadlines to arrange an appointment to see Academic Support or Disability Support for adjustments to exam arrangements.

Procedure for students

Students should contact Disability Support Services and provide evidence before the published deadlines.

Adjustments will be in place for students the start of the next official university exam period.

It will not normally be possible to make adjustments for a forthcoming examination period if this deadline is not met: 

  • All requests for adjustments to examination arrangements should be supported by current acceptable evidence of a disability or long term medical condition such as written report from a registered medical practitioner, an educational psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • Students whose requests are successful will see information about the arrangements via the 'My Course' section on the Portal approximately 4 weeks after the above deadlines.
  • Once adjustments to examination arrangements have been made these will be maintained for you throughout your current program of study.  If you return to the University to study a new program (e.g. Postgraduate Masters) you will need to contact Academic Support so your arrangements can be transferred to your new course.  An appointment at Academic Support is needed even if you have had adjustments to examination arrangements at a previous institution.
  • Where a student is dissatisfied with the adjustments to examination arrangements determined for them, they should first contact
    Disability Support Services to discuss this with their Academic Support Tutor or
    Disability Adviser.

Short term exam adjustments

If you have recently had an accident, injury or are experiencing a short term health condition (for the first time), you may be in a position to request a short term adjustment for your upcoming in-person exams.

In order to make this request, please complete an Extenuating Circumstances (EC) claim via the Student Enquiry Portal here, requesting the appropriate adjustment in the ‘Explanation of the situation’ part of the form, providing evidence of your issue as per the EC procedure.

Please note, there is no guarantee the university can support requests for short term exam adjustments – you will receive confirmation of the outcome via the usual EC procedure.


I have a disability/a long-term medical condition/a Specific Learning Difference such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D – how do I get exam adjustments?

Please refer to Disability Support Services web pages for information on how to be assessed - Disability Support Services 


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    Deadlines for alternative examination arrangements
    Exam periodDeadline for providing evidence via MyNottingham 
    January 2023 Deadlne has now passed


    May 2023

    Deadlne has now passed  
    August 2023 30 June 2023, 12 noon



If you have not been assessed by these deadlines you will not have alternative arrangements in place for your examinations.

You should raise a University of Nottingham Extenuating Circumstances claim via the Student Enquiry Centre.

Information about extenuating circumstances can be found here.

Information on how your adjustments are applied to online timed assessments can be found here.





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