Engineering Research Futures (ERF) is your network for researchers in the faculty to support community and enable the sharing of best practice and challenges. 


Working in collaboration with the Researcher Academy and the Careers and Employability Service, the ERF aims to: 

  • Support collegiality and the sense of community through the sharing of best practice and challenges
  • Communicate researcher-related information as well as issues that are important to the research community
  • Represent the needs and requirements of our researchers in relevant groups and committees in the faculty and across the University
  • Develop our researchers by providing them with a variety of opportunities that enable them to take responsibility for their career paths

The ERF network welcomes research-only level 4 and above research staff across the faculty.  Please join the Team site to discuss with other researchers and receive researcher-related news and events.



Fellowships and Professional Memberships  

Professional memberships and chartership are important in supporting the development of Engineers both in academia and industry. The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession and provide information and standards for chartership. Please email us to find out more and we can put you in touch.  

Fellowships are one pathway to an academic or research career which the faculty is keen to help you achieve. Information on the University fellowships and support can be found on our fellowships webpage.    

Researcher Development Concordat 

The Researcher Development Concordat is an agreement between stakeholders to improve the employment and support for researchers and researcher careers in higher education in the UK.  Please see the Researcher Development Concordat document for further information.  For more information regarding the researcher journey, please visit the Vitae website and researchers career stories.  

The Nuffield Research Placement programme gives young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in science and research. They are provided by STEM Learning, with support from the Nuffield Foundation, as part of its mission for a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK. NRPs should be a well-supervised but independent research project suitable for a 16/17-year-old. More information can be found here.

If you have any queries or require more information on any of the above, please email the Engineering Research Futures Team


Tri-Campus Awards 

The Engineering Reseach Futures Network recently won the Tri-Campus Award 2023 for 'Commitment to Enchancing the Reseach Culture and Environment'.  The award ceremony took place on the 17th May in the Great Hall, Trent Building. This is an outstanding award and an incrediable achievement, well done team!


ERF Committee Members

The ERF Committee includes representatives (where appropriate) from each of the research groups in the faculty.  Their role is to contribute ideas of how to create an excellent environment for our researchers, share any best practice and challenges from their groups, and to communicate relevant information or events to their groups.  Outcomes of committee meetings are shared with the ERF steering group.  Ifty Ahmed (Researcher Academy Faculty Lead) and Mirabelle D'Cruz (Head of Faculty Research & Knowledge Exchange) chair the steering group so that any requirements can be taken forward within the faculty or relevant University groups.

The committee consists of the following members:  


Teams Current Role Holders
Chair David Gerada
Engineering Research & Knowledge Exchange (ERKE) Paloma Paleo Cageao, Sarah Taylor
Website Coordinator Fengyu Zhang
Advanced Manufacturing Technology

David Sanderson

Adam Thompson

Omkar Mypati

Advanced Materials Research Group

Oluwafunmilola Ola

Matthew Wadge

Marcus Adams

Buildings, Energy & Environment Cagri Kutlu
Centre for Additive Manufacturing Geoffrey Rivers
Composites Research Group Andy Parsons
Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses Sazeda Begam
Fluids & Thermal Engineering  Zeyuan Xu 
Gas Turbine & Transmissions Research Centre  Neville Rebelo
Human Factors Research Centre Setia Hermawati
Low Carbon Energy and Resource Technologies Xin Liu
Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics John De Bono
Nottingham Geospatial Institute Lei Yang
Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre Haopeng Wang
Optics and Photonics Group

Tania Mendonca

Wenqi Li 

Power Electronics and Machines Centre

Arun Khilnani 

Resilience Engineering Research Centre Clementina Ramirez
Sustainable Process Technologies  Valentina Cuzzucoli Crucitti


ERF Newsletter

The ERF network produces newsletters quarterly and provides information on research, training, development opportunities, events and seminars and other relevant information.  Please see link below for the latest ERF newsletter: