Do you have a complaint about your University managed hall, room, or hall life?

For any problems or issues you may have during your time in halls, please don't hesitate to approach your Hall Manager who are there to ensure the hall functions well on a daily basis. Please ensure you have read the Hall Regulations and the University Code of Discipline.

We want to provide a supportive and inclusive environment in which you can feel safe and comfortable. There is always a Residential Assistant on duty at night to whom you can go for confidential support and advice. If you need to, you can also speak to a member of the Residential Support team.


Do you have a complaint concerning your University accommodation licence agreement?

If you have a complaint arising under your Licence Agreement, please submit your complaint via Enquiry Form to Accommodation Services.

Please ensure you have read the Student Complaints Procedure, This will provide information on how your complaint will be handled and the responsibilities of both yourself and the University.



Do you have a query or complaint about our Catering service in University managed halls?

For a complaint, please raise this in person at the time your complaint arises and your chef can advise and assist. If your chef is not available or you would like to book an appointment to speak with them, you arrange this with a member of the dining room team.

For queries or complaints relating to your MealPass Package please contact the Catering Finance Team.

For general enquiries please refer to our webpages Catered Halls and if you are still unable to resolve your enquiry please contact the Catering Team or call +44 (0) 115 951 3701.


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Do you have a complaint regarding your finances?

Complaints regarding Fees, Charges and Finances will need to be directed to the correct team to be responded to and Resolved.To ensure your complaint is directed to the correct team please see the below.

  • For complaints regarding Accommodation Fees, please direct your enquiry here.
  • If your complaint is regarding your Tuition Fees, please contact the Tuition Fees team.
  • If your complaint is regarding Reassessment fees please contact the Service Centre within School.
  • Any complaints regarding Library fines can be dealt with by the Individual Library that has raised the fine.
  • If you have received a disciplinary fine and have a complaint regarding this please speak with the Student Discipline team.



Do you need to submit a complaint regarding your 3rd Party Self Catered Accommodation?

Find your halls below: