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Accommodation options

When it comes to deciding where to live, it is a good idea to consider what facilities are most important to you, see our comparison table for a quick summary of each option. Self-catered halls offer the independence of cooking for yourself. Catered halls include the cost of food in the fees. Sutton Bonington offers a part-catered alternative.

Whatever your needs you can be assured of a wide range of options.


Map Key:

Catered Halls (Undergraduates Only) - University Park

1. Florence Boot Hall (194 rooms) 7. Sherwood Hall (262 rooms)
2. Willoughby Hall (260 rooms) 8. Derby Hall (328 rooms)
3. Cavendish Hall (278 rooms) 9. Lincoln Hall (221 rooms)
4. Ancaster Hall (273 rooms) 10. Lenton & Wortley Hall (297 rooms)
5. Nightingale Hall (146 rooms) 11. Cripps Hall (314 rooms)
6. Rutland Hall (281 rooms) 12. Hugh Stewart Hall (339 rooms)

Catered Halls (Undergraduates Only) - Jubilee Campus

 13. Newark Hall (400 rooms)  14. Southwell Hall (200 rooms)    

Self-catered Sites (Undergraduates and Postgraduates)

15. Melton Hall 18. Raleigh Park 
16. St.Peters Court 19. Albion House
17. Broadgate Park 20. Cloister House         
 Lonsdale Hall (Derby)  Bonington Student Village (Leicestershire)

Part-catered Sites (Undergraduates Only)

Bonington Student Village (Leicestershire)





B16 Portland Building
University Park
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