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Find study space - Business Library

Looking for somewhere to study?

We can help you find your closest study space options - whether you're studying on your own or with others.


Studying by yourself?

Whether it’s for quiet, focused study or to quickly drop-in to print something off, we can help you find the space that's right for you at the Business Library.

Silent study - book or drop-in

When working in a Silent Zone, please do not talk and keep your phone on silent to avoid disturbing others.

Silent Study space

  • Silent study spaces can be found at the back of the library.
  • Spaces are available with or without plug sockets.

Book online or drop-in

  • Book online - You can book 2 x three-hour slots a day up to seven days in advance with Click and Study.
  • Drop-in - use any available non-bookable space (these are spaces without a printed number).

Quiet study - drop-in

In Quiet Zones you may have low-level conversations but please try not to disturb others.

These spaces are drop-in only.

Study Spaces

  • Available with or without networked PCs
  • Located in the quiet study area near the front of the library

Short Stay PCs

  • Networked PC
  • Use for up to 15 minutes
  • Available near the front of the library.

Studying with others?

Our group spaces are for collaborative work or studying with friends. Please be mindful of others who may be working nearby.


Our group study tables are ideal for studying alongside friends.

Group study table 

  • Chairs and large table
  • Located in the quiet area at the front of the library


Looking for a space for collaborative work or group discussion? 

Group study room

  • For up to 6 people
  • Chairs, desk, large screen and power sockets
  • Located at the front of the library near the Reservations shelf.

How to book

  • Book 2 x three-hour slots a day up to seven days in advance with Click and Study.
  • One person should book on behalf of the group.

Can't find a space in the library?

Alternative individual and group spaces can be found nearby. 


Drop-in and bookable individual and group study spaces.

Study here spaces

Drop-in and bookable spaces outside libraries. Look out for the Study here banners.

  • Foyer, Exchange Building (Study here)
  • The Welcome Point, Exchange Building (Study here)
  • Auditorium Foyer, Business School South (Study here)

Study here spaces

Computer rooms

You will need your University Card for access to computer rooms.

  • A37, Dearing Building
  • B4, Exchange Building
  • A09, Si Yuan Building

Please note some rooms may be booked for teaching. 

PCs on campus


Help and support

Too noisy?

If you are finding it difficult to study because of noise disruption, please let Library staff know.

You can also text us - look out for the number displayed on posters nearby.

Contact Library staff

Health and Wellbeing

A Healthy U wellbeing notice board is available in the library. This includes information about support services at the university.



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