Greenfield Medical Library Assistive technology room

Assistive Technology Room - Greenfield Medical Library 

Do you have a disability support plan?

You can use our Assistive Technology Rooms - they contain specialist equipment to help you study.


How to book the room

Whether it’s for quiet, focused study or to quickly drop-in to print something off, you can make a booking up to seven days in advance for three hours per day

 How to book 

  1. Visit Click and Study.
  2. Click on Book to make a new booking.  
  3. Select ‘Assistive Technology and Enhanced Support Rooms’ in the Location drop down menu. You can also choose a library in the Category drop down menu. 
  4. Click on Show Availability.
  5. Click on the green square under the time you want to start your booking, then select the end time in the drop down menu. You can book up to three hours in one booking
  6. If you want to change the time or location, click the bin icon to remove the selected time. 
  7. Click on Submit Times
  8. Click on Continue on the next page under the Terms and Conditions to confirm your booking. 
  9. Staff will check your Enhanced Support eligibility and approve or reject your booking. 
  10. You will receive an email confirmation within one hour (during staff working hours only).

How to find the room

  • This Assistive Technology Room is located in Greenfield Medical Library in the Medical School on University Park.
  • Directions to the library can be found via Google Maps
  • The room is located on the right, past the counter. 
  • The door is activated by a sensor, you need your university card to enter. 


Equipment available in the room 

Please help yourself to any items that will help you study, but make sure that everything stays in the Assistive Technology Room. 

Adjustable lights

The lights in the Assistive Technology Room can be adjusted using the dimmer switch. Press the switch to turn the lights on or off. Hold the switch up to make the lights brighter or dimmer. 

Adjustable desk 

The desk can be raised and lowered using the arrow buttons at the front. To adjust the height of the desk on the right, press both buttons simultaneously.  

Assistive software  

Our assistive software can be accessed by all students on university networked PCs. Open the Start menu and select UoN Applications to choose from the list of available software. 

  • MindView – mind mapping software to help organisation, time management and planning assignments. 

  • Read & Write – literacy support software. Includes text-to-speech, spell checker, word prediction, speaking dictionary and a scanning facility. 

You can find help menus within the software or ask library staff for support. 


  • Toilets: Accessible and gender-neutral toilets and can be found opposite the library entrance. 

  • Water fountain: Available opposite the library entrance next to the café.  

  • Print, copy and scan: The nearest printers are located outside the assistive technology room on the right.  

Assistive equipment

  • Sensor activated automatic door 

  • 3 height adjustable desks 

  • 1 PC workstation  

  • 2 double monitor workstations (HDMI, DisplayPort and mini-VGA DisplayPort input) 

  • 3 adjustable computer chairs  

  • Coloured overlays 

  • Adjustable lighting 

  • Sensory items including noise cancelling headset, pop tubes, stretchy strings and squeeze balls 

  • Keyboards: 

    • Standard wired keyboard 

    • Ergonomic keyboard

  • Mice:  

    • Standard mouse 


In an emergency

First aid and medical assistance  

If you are unwell and need medical assistance, please call 0115 8230558, the Library team will call a first aider and offer help. 

If it is a serious incident and you require immediate medical help, call 999 and alert the Library team as soon as possible so that they can direct Security and the emergency services to your location. 

Fire alarm and evacuation   

The room is fitted with an audio alarm.  

The fire alarm at GML has two types of signals - a single tone intermittent alarm or a 2-tone continuous alarm. 

  • If the single tone intermittent alarm sounds, DO NOT EVACUATE. 

  • If the double tone continuous alarm sounds, EVACUATE. 

Library staff sweep the building and will check the assistive technology room as part of their safety checks. If you need assistance, please let the team know. 

We can offer a health and safety tour for assistive technology room users on request, please ask the Library team as part of your booking request. 


Help and support

Need help?

  • If you have questions please get in touch:
  • Message us on WhatsApp at 07766993541
  • Call the library help desk on 0115 9516393

Contact Library staff

Health and Wellbeing

A Healthy U wellbeing notice board is available in the library. This includes information about support services at the university.



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