Accessibility and support at graduation

We are committed to ensuring that your big day is as accessible, inclusive and enjoyable as it can be for both you and your guests.

Whether you require special adjustments for your ceremony, would like to read answers to our frequently asked support questions, or view our accessibility building guides, this page has you covered.

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Special requirements

We want to ensure your day is as accessible, inclusive and enjoyable as it can be for both you and your guests. If there are any adjustments we could make to help achieve this, please let us know.

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Accessible parking 

If you or your guests require accessible parking, our security team will direct you to a suitable parking space on the day. You will still need to pay for parking via RingGo. 

If you or a member of your party are a blue badge holder, you do not need to pay for parking, provided you display your badge. 

Transport and parking


AccessAble - building guides and access routes

The university has teamed up with AccessAble to provide guides on the accessibility of our buildings and campuses.

The app provides practical information about facilities available and the access routes into a building, as well as signposting to prayer rooms, parenting rooms, gender-neutral toilets and quiet spaces.

Explore the graduation venue guides:

External view of David Ross Sports Village




I am a wheelchair user, is the ceremony accessible for me?

Yes, the graduation ceremony is fully accessible. The stage has a ramp on either sides and we can reserve end row seats for any graduating students or their guests who are wheelchair users and will be attending. Please get in touch with us through the Student Enquiry Centre and we'll organise this for you. 

On the day, individuals with reserved seating will need to speak to a seating steward (identified by their blue gown) as they enter the hall, and they will be guided to their reserved seats.

Additionally, there will be pre-ceremony photography available for those with limited mobility outside the David Ross Sports Village as well as post-ceremony in the Trent Building.

I need disabled parking at graduation. How can I arrange this?
Not to worry, we have disabled parking available near the graduation venue. As you park, there will be security members guiding people to parking spaces. Let them know, and they will guide you to the most appropriate space on the day.
What arrangements are provided for hearing or vision impaired attendees?

We can arrange front-row seating for any students or guests with vision or hearing impairments. Additionally, the venue has an induction loop system installed, which is a type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. If you require one, we can also book a British Sign Language interpreter for the ceremony. Please let us know, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

I am neurodivergent and would like to know what adjustments are possible for me to attend the ceremony?

If you contact us, we can discuss details of your day and make any reasonable adjustments needed.

If you feel the loud noises of the ceremony will bother you, students and guests are welcome to wear noise cancelling headphones if they wish.

I am anxious about my graduation. What support is available?

Please get in touch with us. We can discuss with you what the day will look like before, during and after your ceremony. We can also see if we can make any special adjustments to make the day easier for you. 

These videos may also help prepare you and make you feel less anxious about the day.

I prefer not to shake hands as I cross the stage. Is there an alternative?
This is no problem at all. Instead of shaking hands, simply place your hand diagonally across your chest as you cross the stage. Take a look at this video, which may help you. 
I need to bring a carer on the day. How can I arrange a carer ticket?
We offer carer tickets, which you can request when registering or by contacting the graduation team. These must be requested no later than two weeks before your ceremony. 
I have a support animal that I will need to bring on the day. What arrangements should I make?
Please get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate them.
I or my guest need quick access to the toilet, are there accessible facilities available?

There are accessible toilets available both outside David Ross Sports Village and inside, right next to the ceremony hall, as well as in the Trent Building.

Please ask one of the stewards wearing a blue gown and they will be able to show you where these are.

Will there be access to sanitary products in and around the graduation venue?

Yes, Period Project have set up free sanitary product stations all over campus. This includes in all female and accessible toilets inside David Ross Sports Village. To view the locations, click here.


If you or your guests have any questions or require additional support, please contact the Student Services team.

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