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From the locker room to the board room 

Basketball being thrown through a hoop

Dave Hancock (MSc Sports Medicine, 1999) is leading the field in sports performance management. Responsible for the well-being and fitness of some of the world’s top actors, musical artists and sports personalities, his work has ensured clubs such as Chelsea Football Club, the New York Knicks and the Washington Nationals stay at the top of their game. 

An accomplished physiotherapist, Dave’s talents also extend into the business sphere. Using his sporting expertise, he has developed a range of world-class physiotherapy clinics throughout the UK and USA, and through his company Apollo, has designed an innovative data platform to provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary methodology that is used by first-class teams across the globe to keep their athletes at peak performance.

Alumnus Dave Hancock

Lessons from the sporting world can be adapted and incorporated into all areas of life. So what are Dave’s top tips to help you perform at your best?

Passion and dedication

“The one thing that I’ve seen about people at the very top of their game, no matter what they do, is that there is pure passion and dedication. Their work ethic is second to none…that’s why they’re the best.”

Team work

“A while ago, I did some consultancy for F1 and I got to hang out with the Red Bull team inside the pits at the Montreal Grand Prix. The experience gave me a great example of teamwork. You can’t do everything by yourself, and I’ve really learnt this from working in sport. I saw the Lotus team practice for an hour and a half every single day in the build up to the Grand Prix, because a split second in this sport makes all the difference. 

You can apply that team approach to any form of life or business. Bringing everyone together is a big ethos that I’ve learnt over the years, rather than think that I can do everything.”

Be honest and relax

“I’ve learnt to be honest – if you disagree with something or someone, speak up. Be honest with yourself and with everyone else. It’s also important to relax and not take yourself too seriously.”

Respect people

“To be successful, you need to incorporate and respect other people. I’ve learnt from life, sport and business that if you incorporate everyone and appreciate what they do for you, your business and the people around you will go a long way.”

Take a jump

“Sometimes you have to take the jump. There’s been many situations, especially in business, where some of my colleagues have been unsure about something, but I’ve said “let’s just take the plunge.” 

Share your sporting advice

We’re looking for sport e-mentors to share their experience of how sport can provide skills which make a positive impact on all aspects of life.  If you would like to share your knowledge and experience with a student, apply today.

Here at Nottingham, we’ve been heavily investing in sport, inspiring and supporting our students to reach their potential. Last year, we finished 4th out of 146 institutions in the BUCS (British Universities, Colleges and Sport) league, achieving our highest position in a decade!  With the opening of our new £40 million David Ross Sports Village, offering state-of-the-art facilities to students, we’re heading to exciting new heights in sport at Nottingham.  


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