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Why you should hire a work placement student 

Work placement student

The benefits of taking part in a work placement or internship for students are well known. But what about the benefits for the businesses who hire a placement student? 

We chat to Adam Abdullah, Human Resources Director at Weir Minerals Malaysia, to find out why taking part in our work placement programme has been invaluable for graduate recruitment. 

Identifying top talent for recruitment

"We engaged with Nottingham’s work placement programme because we wanted to identify and source talented students for our graduate recruitment programme. We’re a multinational UK company with offices in Malaysia – as a provider of world-class education in Malaysia, attracting outstanding students from around the world, the University of Nottingham was our first choice to partner with. In 2016, we recruited UNMC chemical engineering student Manimala Selvanathan onto our programme for a six month placement.


“The experience was extremely enriching for both parties – it was a two-way engagement and learning process. Manimala excelled in her assignments, gaining knowledge from her manager and co-workers on planning, organising, executing and accomplishing projects.

Her analytical mind-set enabled her to develop innovative solutions to her assigned projects – for example, her work on flash percentage reduction on our Continuous Press Process has resulted in a cost saving of almost MYR 40,000 (£7,000) a year.

Manimala’s co-workers benefitted from her fresh and positive approach to challenges and obstacles, learning from the way she thinks and works. 
Manimala Selvanathan receiving an award for her internship at Weir Minerals Malaysia

“We now only recruit graduates from UNMC and two higher learning institutes in Malaysia that take part in our undergraduate internship programme. This programme enables us to identify early top graduate talents for recruitment. At the end of Manimala’s internship, our management team were incredibly impressed by her work. She was offered a full-time post as a Process Engineer with the company following graduation at the end of last year. Her outstanding performance so far has led to her selection onto the Weir Graduate Programme, designed to provide graduates like Manimala with leadership understanding and experience to prepare her to take on more demanding roles at Weir as her career develops. We want to recruit the best people – and taking part in Nottingham’s work placement programme has helped us to identify the talents of tomorrow.”


Can you provide an engineering placement? 

We’re currently looking for placements in a range of industries, including engineering and architecture.



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