Burglary prevention

Burglary prevention

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Student accommodation, whether on or off university campus, often contains many more possessions than an average family home. With multiple occupants having laptops, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles, student residences are extremely desirable for burglars. 

Over half of burglaries are through unlocked doors or open and insecure windows. Don’t become a victim of crime by making it is easy for burglars.


Protect your property

  • Keep windows and doors locked, even if you’re in your accommodation.
  • Never share access codes to your house/flat/halls with non-residents and don’t let anyone in without checking their identity first.
  • Always ensure keys are kept out of sight and never anywhere near doors.
  • Make your home look occupied when you are out – leave your lights on or use timer switches.
  • Keep side gates locked and secure.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a burglar alarm, remember to set it!
  • Get to know your neighbours, particularly if they are full time residents! A good relationship with your neighbours means that they will likely look out for your property whilst you are away during vacation periods.

Protect your posessions

  • Keep valuables out of sight of windows, especially in ground floor rooms.
  • Close your curtains at night so people can’t see in.
  • Don’t leave empty electrical boxes outside your home as they indicate that you may have something worth stealing.
  • Take your valuables home during vacation periods and use timer switches to make it appear you property is occupied.
  • Keep bikes secure with a D-lock, even if locked away in a shed.
  • Mark your property with an ultraviolet pen so that it is identifiable.
  • Register your property for free on the Immobilise database and improve your chance  of getting it back if it is lost or stolen: www.immobilise.com
  • Insure your personal belongings against theft and damage with adequate cover in case you need to replace possessions. Check with your accommodation provider to see if insurance is included,


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