Personal safety

Personal safety

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Nottingham is a friendly city and our campuses are safe places. The city has held Purple Flag status since 2010 which indicates that Nottingham is one of the best and safest places for a night out in the UK. The University of Nottingham works alongside multiple organisations developing initiatives and schemes to make this possible.

But like in any other city, you need to be sensible and it is important that you look after yourself and your belongings. A lot of the crime involving students is opportunistic and can be avoided by following this personal safety advice.

General safety

  • Take your mobile phone out with you at all times and make sure it’s charged.
  • Stay alert – walk confidently and be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Listening with headphones or talking on the phone while out and about reduces your awareness.
  • Keep cash and valuables out of sight – use inside pockets and zipped bags.
  • Stay alert at cash machines. Hide your PIN number, be aware of who’s behind you and don’t flash your cash. Avoid using cash machines if you’ve had too much to drink – withdraw money during the day.
  • Carry a personal alarm.
  • Mark your valuable items using an ultraviolet pen with your name and student ID number and keep a list of the make, model and serial numbers of electronic items.
  • Register your property for free on the Immobilise database and improve your chance  of getting it back if it is lost or stolen:
  • Insure your personal belongings against theft and damage with adequate cover in case you need to replace possessions. Check with your accommodation provider to see if insurance is included.

On a night out

  • Out for the night – talk about where you are going and who with and make a plan for getting home.
  • Stick with your friends and avoid leaving with someone you don’t know or can’t trust.
  • Never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Drink aware – avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It’s easier to do something risky when you are drunk and you’re more likely to lose your belongings and be an easier target for crime.
  • If you feel very drunk or unwell, ask a trusted friend or member of door staff for help.

 If you get into difficulty...

  • Support your friend / stay with your friend
  • If you're in a venue – report to the venue / door staff (some venues have dedicated welfare teams)
  • Seek medical support if you feel unwell – 999 in an emergency or 111 for advice
  • Report to ‘Report and Support’ to ensure you have a follow-up and support from the University.
  • Report the incident to Police – 999 if it is an active situation or 101 if after the event
    • You can access a urine sample testing kit up to 7 days after the incident but as soon as possible for the best results
    • It is a non-judgemental service, it is there to help
    • Reporting an incident will not get you into trouble, even if recreational drug use has taken place

Coming home

  • Keep enough money to pay for your journey home.
  • Where possible, avoid travelling alone.
  • Walking home - stay with friends, walk in groups and stick to well-lit streets. Never take isolated shortcuts.
  • Walk facing traffic so a car cannot pull up behind you.
  • Need a lift home? Make sure you only use licenced taxis or download the UNICAB app!

    The SU has teamed up with UNICAB to bring you the Safer Taxi Scheme. Access fixed rates through the app and pay by card before your journey.

    If you run out of cash, UNICAB also offers an emergency taxi scheme. Call 0115 950 0500 or text 80818 and pay the following day at the Welcome Zone. Add the number to your phone now so you have it in an emergency!
  • Have keys ready when you’re approaching your accommodation.



Using alcohol and drugs can affect your judgment, make you vulnerable to crime and reduce your ability to stay safe.



Download the University’s Alcohol and Drugs guide for advice to help you stay safe





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