Official photography and video

Official photography will be available before and after your ceremony in the marquee outside David Ross Sports Village and at East Midlands Conference Centre and doesn't need to be booked in advance. You can find information about the packages available on Tempest Photography's website.

Memorable handshake moment 

Tempest Photography will take a photo of your 'handshake moment' as you cross the stage, which is available to purchase from the ground floor at East Midlands Conference Centre. 

Mygraduationfilm will also be providing the video coverage at your graduation ceremony, capturing your special moment centre stage. Digital downloads and USB keys of your ceremony are available from or straight after your event from East Midlands Conference Centre. Zoom lenses allow them to get close to the action, producing a dynamic recording of your big moment. You can pre-order now at

Guests are welcome to take photography and video during the ceremony, but please refrain from using flash photography and remain seated. 




Capturing your day

As well as the official photography available on the day, there will be lots of opportunities to take photos in your hood and gown with friends and loved ones. We have a variety of photo opportunities around the Graduation Village, including our giant UoN letters and of course, across our beautiful campus.