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Emergency Evacuation Policy

The University of Nottingham is committed to promoting access for people who have a disability or long-term medical condition. This includes consideration of the requirements to enable effective evacuation of buildings in an emergency.

The University will seek to comply with the guidance in British Standards, Codes of Practice and the Building Regulations. Reasonable adjustments will be made wherever possible to facilitate safe access and egress.

General information concerning facilities and procedures to assist in the emergency evacuation of people with a disability will be made available.

The emergency evacuation requirements for a person with a disability or long-term medical condition will be assessed following a request from that person and if appropriate a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan will be developed in conjunction with the individual.

The arrangements for the emergency evacuation of people with a disability will form part of the emergency procedure in place for each building.

For the rest of the Emergency Evacuation Policy, please visit the Safety Office website.


Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

In addition to any general provisions that may have been made to enable emergency evacuation of disabled people from university buildings, it might be necessary to develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) with certain students.

The purpose of a PEEP is to both identify any additional arrangements that may be necessary for a student’s safe evacuation from the buildings that they will be using and to ensure that these arrangements are put in place.


deaf alerter symbol

Deaf Alerter

Deaf Alerter is a radio based paging system which can provide Fire Alarm warnings for University staff, students and visitors who have a hearing impairment.

Buildings equipped with Deaf Alerter Paging Transmitters will have the Deaf Alerter symbol, as shown on this page, displayed at the main entrance.

Pagers and Night Cradles are available on loan from the University. The Night Cradles are bedside units in which a pager can be placed and will wake up a sleeping person when a fire alarm is activated. They are suitable for use in those Halls of Residence which are equipped with Paging Transmitters.

For more information about the Deaf Alerter Loan Scheme, please visit the Estate Office pages.



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