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Disability Support- Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Disability Support. If you have any further enquiries regarding the service that are not answered below, then please email us and we will do our best to help you.

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How do I find out about accessible university accommodation?
If you wish to discuss accommodation and access arrangements, or have specific requirements for your accommodation as a direct result of your disability, please contact our Accommodation Team directly on 0115 951 3697 or via email at


Why does the University need to know if I am disabled or have a long term medical condition?
The University can only provide support if made aware of your requirements, please refer to the Student Disclosure and Confidentiality Policy for further information.


I’ve broken my leg, can I get any help?
The Disability Support team can offer advice to those with temporary injuries, however it is recommended that students contact their Schools for advice in the first instance. For further information about what to do if you have a temporary injury, please refer to the Temporary Injury Policy.


What support is there for Mental Health?
The University actively promotes well being, and has developed a Healthy U website as part of this initiative. Support is also provided to individuals through the Disability Support Team, please continue to explore the Disability Support pages for more information.


Am I disabled?
QAA guidance provides the following definition of disability:

'The educational disadvantage and exclusion faced by many disabled people is not an inevitable result of their impairments or health conditions, but arises from social, attitudinal and environmental barriers.'

Alternatively, the Disability Discrimination Act defines a disabled person as a person with ‘a
physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’.


What is the Disabled Students Allowance?

DSAs are grants to help meet the extra course costs 'home' students can face as a direct result of a
disability, an ongoing medical condition, mental health difficulties or a Specific Learning Difficulty.
DSAs are paid on top of the standard student finance package and don't have to be paid back.
The amount received depends on the type of support required - not on household income.


For further information about general funding for disabled students, please visit the Funding for Disabled Students page. Alternatively, you can find out more detailed information about the DSA on the DirectGov website.



What happens if I declare my disability on my application form to the University?

We believe that applicants need to be in full possession of the facts before they can make informed choices about where to study. To this end, if you declare a disability or long term medical condition on your UCAS application form we in Disability Support will look at your form and may invite you in for a meeting with us and the School in which you hope to study to fully discuss how the University will meet your requirements. In any event we will write to you with information which we hope you will find useful about the support available here at the University of Nottingham. You do not have to disclose at application but if you do we provide an added value experience that we think will help you make the best decision for you.



Can I have different arrangements for my exams?
Alternative exam arrangements are made through the Exams Office on the advice of the Disability and Academic Support Teams. To find out more about alternative examination arrangements, please visit our Examination and Timetabling Arrangements page.


Support from schools: What is a Disability Liaison Officer?
Each School appoints a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) to provide a point of reference, advice and guidance for members of staff and students in the School about disability issues and support. The DLOs are part of a network that meets regularly to share information and good practice. DLOs liaise with Disability Support and Academic Support, as necessary, in relation to individual students and general policies and procedures. Find your Disability Liaison Officer on our Disability Liaison Officer Look-up.


How am I going to get around and between the campuses?
The University has an accessible minibus service; to see if you qualify for this support and to find out more about the service, please visit our Accessible Transport page. You can find out about the other forms of transport provided by the University on the Estate Office's website.


Are there any sports for disabled people?
The Department of Physical Recreation and Sport has a dedicated Disability Sport Officer who would be happy to meet up with you to discuss the sporting facilities available at the University. Students who have a disability or a long term medical condition may be entitled to a 50% reduction in membership fees. To find out more about sport for disabled people, please visit the Department of Physical Recreation and Sport website.


I require assistance with personal care, such as getting showered and dressed in the morning. Are there local agencies that can provide me with this type of personal assistance whilst I am studying at Nottingham?

Personal care is outside of the University's responsibilities.  We recommed that you consider care providers that are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC is the health and social care regulator for England.  On their website you can search for domiciliary care services in Nottingham and find:

  • The CQC Reports about Care Service
  • Details of the service it offers
  • The CQC's quality rating for the Service, thus making it easier to compare with

This way, you will be able to get an up to date list of all the providers in this area. This is also something you might find helpful to discuss with your Social Worker.



Please refer to our Disability and Academic Support Booklet to find out more about the range of support available.



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