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Medical Evidence Policy

Medical evidence is required for students who are disabled or who have a long term medical condition in order to provide reasonable adjustments and to access services and support at the University of Nottingham.

What medical evidence is required?

In accordance with the University's Procedure and Guidance for dealing with Extenuating Circumstances for Students on Taught Courses and Examination Arrangements for Students who have a Disability or Long-Term Medical Condition (Quality Manual), you will need to provide evidence from a qualified medical professional (GP, consultant or specialist nurse), which identifies:

  • The name of the impairment or health condition
  • When the impairment or health condition was diagnosed/identified
  • How long the impairment/health condition is likely to last
  • The main effects of this condition, e.g. mobility impairment, short term concentration ability
  • Any side effects of any medication or treatment

The University of Nottingham will not accept a Disabled Students' Allowances Needs Assessment Report as suitable evidence.

What evidence is required from students with specific learning differences, e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD?

See Academic Support, Support for students with specific learning differences.


The confidential nature of information provided by students will be respected by the University of Nottingham in accordance with data protection regulations. Confidential information will only be shared within the University on a need to know basis. Any student wishing to restrict the sharing of such information should make his or her wishes known to the appropriate members of staff, preferably in writing.

For further information about disclosure and confidentiality, please refer to the Student Disclosure and Confidentiality Policy.

What if you choose not to disclose?

Students should be aware that non-disclosure of relevant information may lead to a reduction in the services that can be provided. Normally such wishes will be respected, unless to do so would be against the best interests of the University community, or the interests of safety or security of any person.

If, following a request by a student, relevant information is withheld from an individual or University body (e.g. the School's Board of Examiners) it will not normally be admissible during any later appeal against the original decision of that body.

Contacts and further information

If you have any queries regarding the above policy, please talk to a member of staff in Disability Support.

Accessibility (Disability Support),
Portland Building,
The University of Nottingham,
University Park,

Tel:   +44 (0) 115 95 15992



Accessibility (Disability Support)

Portland Building
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44(0) 115 95 15992