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Examination arrangements

If you need reasonable adjustments to your examination arrangements, then Accessibility can explore what can be put in place for you once we have received your evidence.

What types of adjustments can be put in place

Additional time

  • Additional writing time
  • Rest breaks are strictly ‘pen down’ time during which you are not allowed to write anything. If you use rest breaks you must let the invigilator know you are taking a break. You may not add a rest break to the end of the exam.
  • Additional reading only time

Equipment / location

  • Taking your exam on a PC

All of your examinations will take place in a computer room. You will have a copy of the question paper and an answer booklet which can be used for rough working or any answers you need to write by hand.

Please save your work to the desktop at regular intervals.

  • Smaller room / separate room
  • Equipment such as coloured filter or adjustments to the format of your exam papers

Personal support

  • Support workers such as a scribe or reader.
  • If you need to use a reader or scribe for your exam you will take your exams in a separate room in the presence of an invigilator.

Exam stickers

  • Stickers advising the marker not to penalise errors in spelling, punctuation, untidy handwriting or clumsiness of English expression. Eligible students will receive a supply of stickers and you should attach a sticker to the front of each of your exam script(s). Stickers can be collected from either Cherry Tree Lodge, University Park or the Student Service Centre, The Barn, Sutton Bonington.

Once in place, if your adjustments are appropriate for you, these will be maintained throughout your time at the University. However, arrangements can be reviewed with your Academic Support Tutor or Disability Adviser if you have any problems.

Deadlines for reasonable adjustments for exams

For the 2019/20 Academic year you need to have shared your supporting evidence with us by Friday 8th November 2019 to secure Reasonable Adjustments to your exams due in January 2020. 

An Adviser will review the information and evidence you have provided and confirm alternative exam arrangements. 

If you have Reasonable Adjustments showing on your MyNottingham as in place but wish to discuss them, possibly amend them, please come to our start of term appointments.  If you are happy with the support arrangements, then you do not need to attend.

Please note that exam stress/anxiety/panic or nerves are experienced by many students and this in itself is not normally a sufficient reason to provide adjustments.

If you are feeling particularly anxious you can find some helpful information on the Exam Anxiety section of the Counselling Service website.

For further information on alternative assessments, please refer to the University's Quality Manual.

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