Concussion Clinic

Our Concussion Clinic can help support you during your concussion injury and help you to return to learning and daily life activities and to return to your sporting activities. 

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Concussion Clinic in our Sports Injury Clinic at David Ross Sports Village

Concussion Clinic

Concussion is a common brain injury that can occur during sporting participation and from injuries in every day life. People with a concussion injury can described various symptoms but the common complaints are headache, difficulty with concentration, irritability and insomnia. The majority of concussion cases usually resolve within 7-10 days but in 10-15% of cases, symptoms can persist for longer than this.

During a Concussion Clinic appointment, you will undergo a sport concussion assessment (SCAT-5) and you will be assessed by Dr Mary O’Hanlon who will give you advice if you are ready to return to sporting participation.

We can see you in our clinic just after your concussion to give you advice during your rest period and when to start the graduated return to play (GRTP). If you have already started your return to play, we can provide the final clearance to resume full sporting activities which can only be undertaken by a Doctor.

Our Concussion Clinic takes place on Monday's 9:30am - 12:30pm.


Appointment Pricing

New Concussion Clinic patients £90.00
Returning Concussion Clinic patients £60.00
University of Nottingham Students Free


Our Sports Injury Clinic Administrator speaking to a patient in the Clinic reception
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