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Concussion is a common brain injury that can occur during sporting participation and from injuries in every day life. People with a concussion injury can described various symptoms but the common complaints are headache, difficulty with concentration, irritability and insomnia. The majority of concussion cases usually resolve within 7-10 days but in 10-15% of cases, symptoms can persist for longer than this.

The immediate management of concussion during sport is the removal the athlete from play and monitoring for any serious signs which may need hospital attention. It is recommended that someone suspected of sustaining a concussion should be reviewed by an appropriately trained health care professional.

Following this, sport related concussions and non-sport related need complete physical and mental rest for the first 24-48 hours and then a period of physical rest as they resume daily activities over the next 14 days. This means no structured physical activity or exercise.

A graduated return to physical activity and play is needed following a concussion and this needs to be a structured process to avoid exacerbating the symptoms of concussion. Before returning to full sporting participation, clearance from a Doctor is required. Not all NHS Doctors will provide this service, but the Concussion Clinic can help you with this. 

Booking your appointment

We have a team of expert clinicians on hand ready to deal with your enquiries, bookings and to help shape your pathway to recovery.

Arranging an appointment with the Sports Injury Clinic could not be simpler. To get booked in either:


If you aged 19 or under (your age on 1st Sep of the academic year), it is strongly recommended that you are seen by a Doctor or health care professional experienced in concussion management before you begin your return to play. You will also need to be seen at near the end of the return to play programme by a Doctor in order to get full clearance for sporting activities.

How can we help?

Our Concussion Clinic can help support you during your concussion injury and help you to return to learning and daily life activities and to return to your sporting activities. 

During your clinic appointment you will undergo a sport concussion assessment (SCAT-5) and you will be assessed by Dr Mary O’Hanlon who will give you advice if you are ready to return to sporting participation.

We can see you in our clinic just after your concussion to give you advice during your rest period and when to start the graduated return to play (GRTP). If you have already started your return to play, we can provide the final clearance to resume full sporting activities which can only be undertaken by a Doctor.

So if you’re worried about a concussion,  make sure you head to our concussion clinic Monday's 3-6pm at the  Sports Injury Clinic at David Ross Sports Village.  


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Our Concusision Specialists

The clinic is led by Dr Mary O’Hanlon who is an experienced Sports Medicine Doctor with experience looking after both amateur and elite professional athletes. Dr O’Hanlon is also an Assistant Professor in Sport in Exercise Medicine here at the University of Nottingham and so can offer additional academic advice for students affected by concussion.


For more details please call the reception team on 0115 748 7070 or e-mail:

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