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The University of Nottingham Sport Leadership Academy offers a range of programmes, training and qualifications to allow students to develop leadership skills through sport. 

Whether you have previous experience in sport and leadership or not, the academy offers an excellent opportunity to gain CV experience, grow your skills and make important links with industry partners. 

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Your questions

Does it matter what year of study I'm in?
No, not at all. Students in any year of their studies, including final year, may join the Leadership Academy. Postgraduate students are also very welcome.
I don't have any previous experience in sports leadership, does that matter?
The Leadership Academy caters for all levels of experience and is designed to help you build your skills. It doesn't matter if you haven't led an activity or sports session before and no previous sporting experience is necessary. 
How much time will I need to commit? Is the Leadership Academy flexible?
Each programme will require different levels of time commitment. While we try to fit around other commitments, there will be some specific requirements for training and delivery dates. We do advise that students will get out of the programme what they put in and we will be there throughout to support leaders.

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