Welfare in Sport

What Welfare in Sport does is simple and important: raises awareness about the importance of sport for maintaining positive mental health, and also encourages the sports clubs at University of Nottingham to support their members in terms of their wellbeing and mental health.

Welfare in Sport

About Welfare in Sport

Welfare in Sport are a student-run campaign group which has existed for a number of years at the University. The overall aim of the group is to: help raise awareness of mental health within members of sports clubs and IMS teams, remove barriers for students participating in sport, and to provide a platform for sports clubs at UoN to improve welfare support for all their members.

People from all backgrounds and in all walks of life experience mental health difficulties, including students at UoN, within any club. The support networks fostered in sports teams can be invaluable during these times - Welfare in Sport aims to focus on engaging clubs in allowing this to happen.

The connection between physical and mental health is well documented, however mental distress can produce a large barrier to participation in activity for those who would benefit from it most. We hope that by encouraging an inclusive atmosphere in our sports clubs and educating those in leadership roles, more people will feel able to join us, make friends and keep active during their time in Nottingham.

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Welfare in Sport Committee 2022/23

  • Chairs: Olivia Lindo & James Morrison
  • Vice Chair: Joseph Shaw
  • General Secretary: Abigail Emery
  • Treasurer: Polly Moon
  • General Liaison Officer: Rebecca Cadwell
  • General Liaison Officer: Jessica Maitland
  • General Liaison Officer: Aaliyah Anjorin
  • General Liaison Officer: Anushka Sharma
  • General Liaison Officer: Grace Morrison

Where can I find further support?

The University offers support for students across a wide number of areas, through internal services and external organisations. You can link in to support for the different areas through the HealthyU web pages: