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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group

Micro and nano-replication technologies, nanoscale fabrication and additive manufacture

Dr Joel Segal (Head of Group)

Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Machining and Finishing Technologies, Abrasive Waterjet Machining, Monitoring and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes,  Design and Construction of Miniature Machine Tolls, Design of Innovative Tools for Aerospace Manufacture, Product Innovation & Technology Transfer

Professor Dragos Axinte

Dynamics, Controls, Non-linear systems, Multibody systems, Electromechanical systems, Wearable sensor systems, Collaborative Robotics, Soft robotics

Dr David Branson 

Non-traditional manufacturing methods to arrive at net shape while inducing favourable material properties and generating new surfaces on engineering components, developing new manufacturing methods and materials for use in the high value manufacturing sectors including aerospace and biomedical engineering

Professor Adam Clare

Computing in the future of design practice, and the development of precision machines

Dr Simon Lawes

Metrology, additive manufacturing, surface topography, optical techniques

Professor Richard Leach

Flexible and hybrid material forming & processing technologies

Dr Hengan Ou

New optical techniques and systems for 3D precision measurements

Dr Samanta Piano

Modelling and Simulation of Coordinated Control Strategies for Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems, The Dynamics and Stability of Super-Extended Space Tethered Systems

Professor Atanas Popov

Manufacturing systems, process modelling and simulation

Professor Svetan Ratchev 

Robust and linear parameter varying control, Uncertain systems, Flight dynamics and control

Dr Harald Pfifer

Advanced Materials Research Group

Biomaterials: working on bioresorbable and antimicrobial coatings, surface modifications, degradation and mechanical behaviour of isotropic and anisotropic structures, new structures and cell surface interactions, nanocomposites and scaffolds for tissue engineering and orthopaedic applications.

Hydrogen storage systems: working on cost effective metal hydrides and complex systems, hydrogen and thermal energy storage systems, coatings and catalysts for hydride systems, composite structures based on carbon structures, MOFs and investigating other candidate hydrogen storage materials. Developing prototypes with industrial partners into practical tanks and thermal stores.

Professor David Grant (Head of Group)

Biomaterials, Bioengineering, Phosphate-based Glasses, Bioglasses, Resorbable fibre composites, Microspheres, orthobiologics

Current work also involves developing porous structures from varying glass, glass-ceramic and ceramic materials for a variety of applications, spanning water treatment to agriculture

Dr Ifty Ahmed

Structure of glass and disordered materials, with a particular focus on understanding structure-property relationships

Dr Emma Barney

Materials characterisation, transmission electron microscopy, functional materials, structural materials, biomaterials; nanotechnology

Professor Paul Brown

Electrochemical technologies and liquid salts innovation for materials (titanium, silicon, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers), energy (supercapacitor, supercapattery, lithium ion battery, fuel cell) and environment (capture and conversion of carbon dioxide, and wastewater treatment). 

Professor George Chen

Microwave process engineering, Microwave processing of materials, fundamental understanding through to scale up of microwave processing applications including process heating, polymer synthesis, and material processing applications

Dr Chris Dodds

High power density electric drives, mechatronics, composite materials, electric racing vehicles

Dr Miquel Gimeno-Fabra

Films and Coatings, Icephoibc and hydrophobic surface, Nanocomposite coatings, Nanostructured surface

Dr Xianghui Hou

Suspension and solution precursor thermal spraying for energy and healthcare applications including environmental barrier coating, next generation of thermal barrier coatings, fuel cell electrolyte, nanocomposite coatings with nano-particulates, anti-microbial coatings and coatings for biomedical applications, cold gas dynamic spray of metallic and cermet coatings, feedstock modification for Al, Ti and Ni alloys, graphene based coatings for tribology

Dr Tanvir Hussain 

Electromagnetic sensing, in-situ monitoring of component integrity, novel sensing technologies for healthcare application, detection of corrosion under insulation, real-time monitoring, novel microwave applicators for material processing, high performance computing, multiphysics simulations

Dr Juliano Katrib

Microwave processing of minerals

Professor Samuel Kingman

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs), continuous and batch microwave synthesis, microwave technology applied to inorganic chemistry, microporous materials synthesis and characterisation, synthesis of new porous inorganic/organic hybrid materials, interactions of microwave energy with inorganic materials (dielectric spectroscopy), ultrafast materials processing, MOFs for applications (waste treatment, healthcare technologies, molecular sensing, catalysis, gas storage and separation, anti-microbial resistance), advanced characterisation of materials, and sensor fabrication (spray coating, lithography).

Dr Andrea Laybourn

Supercritical fluids, supercritical water reactor design, nanoparticle synthesis and applications, scaling up, fuel characterisation, biomass and fossil fuel energy

Professor Ed Lester

Electroceramics, Impedance Spectroscopy, Solid State Chemistry, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Oxygen Separation Membranes, Ionic conductors, Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors, Ferro- and Piezo-electrics, Ceramic Capacitors.

Dr Ming Li

Computational materials design, atomistic modelling, machine learning, materials for energy storage and generation, porous materials

Dr Sanliang Ling

Hydrogen storage; Hydrogen production; Quasicrystal; Catalyst; PVD coating 

Dr Xuanli Luo

Organic electronics, organic solar cells, organic bio-sensors, modelling/characterization/device fabrication of organic devices

Dr Roderick MacKenzie

Cell-material surface interactions, biocompatibility assessment or the development of novel materials or structures for the repair or replacement of tissues

Dr Colin Scotchford

Head of Mid-Infrared Photonics Group. We have a cleanroom facility for drawing MIR fibreoptics for potential applications in early diagnosis in cancer, oil fractionation monitoring, security sensing and monitoring the environment.

Professor Angela Seddon

Thermal and cold spraying

Professor Philip Shipway

membrane-based separation technologies, metal organic framework membranes, zeolite membranes, water purification, desalination, gas separation, isomer separations, electro-photocatalysis, ALD, electrochemical-ALD

Dr Begum Tokay

Materials science and engineering including laser materials processing, corrosion and overlay coatings

Dr Katy Voisey

Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Hydrogen. Hydrogen technologies, hydrogen storage, energy materials, energy systems.

Professor Gavin Walker

Nanostructures; Nanocomposites; Polymer composites; Thermal management; Power electronic packaging; Tribology; Metal composites

Dr Fang Xu

Critical raw materials; sustainable material processing; material characterisation; biomass, wastes and fossil fuel processing systems; energy from biomass, wastes, and fossil fuels; material handling and transportation

Dr Orla Williams

  Architecture, Culture and Tectonics Research Group

Architectural theory and criticism, philosophy of technology, tectonics, materiality and perception, phenomenology and embodiment, museums and exhibitions, Narrative design and digital media in museums and architectural exhibitions

Professor Jonathan Hale (Head of Group)

ETFE envelopes, membrane structures, tensegrity, tensairity, coated fabrics, biaxial tests, textile architecture, temporary structures, lightweight buildings, emergency shelters, parametric design, inflatable structures, Rhino-Grasshopper, cable structures, textile facades, adaptive envelopes

Dr Paolo Beccarelli

 Human-Building Interaction, Adaptive and Interactive Architecture, Digitally-driven Architecture, Behaviour-responsive Environments, Wellbeing, Theories of Embodiment, Digital Fabrication and Design-Build approaches for Adaptive Environments

 Mr Nils Jaeger

History and theory of architecture and urbanism, sustainable and resilient cities, design research and urban design, typology and architecture's autonomy, domesticity and its intersection with urbanism

Dr Katharina Borsi

History, development and application of lightweight spatial structures:- timber gridshells, reinforced concrete shells, space frames and grids, ETFE and membrane architecture; sustainable construction

Emeritus Professor John Chilton

BIM Level 2 processes, standards and application; construction industry performance analysis; construction cost modelling, analysis and benchmarking; collaborative working; construction procurement and contracts; Building information modelling, information management;

Ms Sarah Davidson

Twentieth century, Healing Spaces, German architecture culture, housing reform in nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Dr Didem Ekici

Narrative approaches to found places, particularly the use of spolia in the retention of genius loci, and the role of art in public spaces

Dr Laura Hanks

Landscape architecture, National Park design, biophilic design, design for health, urban design, place branding and place making, mindfulness and space's​​​​​​​

Dr Nicole Porter

Setting the Sustainable Build Environment live projects office, building tectonically, complex design, developing non-intrusive design methods

Mr John Ramsey

Architecture and tectonics

Mr Pete Russell

Conservation planning and design in historical towns and cities, public realm, urban change and urban identity, transportation system in China, social and cultural sustainability, urban spatial design principles and practice, age-friendly living and community development, tourism development in conservation areas

Dr Amy Tang

Built environment linguistics, museums and exhibition design, natural history museums, non-western architecture, sustainable design of planting within buildings

Dr Wang Qi

Bioengineering Research Group

Spinal Biomechanics, Biomechanical Evaluation, Implant Design, Impact Biomechanics, Injury Mechanisms

Professor Donal McNally (Head of Group)

Mechanical environment on cells and cell-biomaterial constructs, new bioreactor to allow electrical stimulation as well as mechanical stimulation

Dr Alastair Campbell Richie

Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical Signal Processing; Biomedical Optics

Professor John Crowe

Structure/property relationships for high performance materials, microhardness testing, Nano-indentation, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Dr Nicola Everitt

Digital mental health monitoring; Biomedical image processing; Sensor networks for biomedical applications

Dr Ed Morris

Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group

Eco-buildings, cooling/heating, refrigeration, heat recovery, renewable energy systems, sustainable technology and building materials, eucalyptus fibres and compound parabolic concentrator (CPC)

Professor Saffa Riffat (Head of Group)

Energy efficient and sustainable technologies with a focus on application in the built environment; passive and active heating and cooling systems; adsorption and absorption systems; heat pumps; low carbon technologies; heat recovery (HVAC) technologies

Dr Rabah Boukhanouf

Thermochemical energy storage technologies, Phase Change Materials (PCM), Multiphase Change Materials (MCM) systems, Sustainable Energy systems, Micro bio-fuel power systems, Low Carbon Construction Materials, Integrated Environmental Energy Management, Low carbon Buildings, Desiccant Technology, Green roofs, Urban Heat Island modelling, Green Transport Technologies, Integrated Environmental Energy Management and Total Quality Environmental Management

Professor Jo Darkwa

Renewable energy and sustainable architecture; Computer modelling of building thermal and solar radiation performance using existing commercial; energy performance of ground-integrated buildings; Visual Basic Programming Language

Dr Mohamed Gadi

Development and integration of sustainable building technologies and renewable energy systems; Building-integrated photovoltaics; Photovoltaic thermal collector with thermal storage; Ground heat exchangers and ground source heat pumps; Energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation; Building energy conservation, harvesting and storage; Natural ventilation and indoor environmental quality; Transparent green facades; Dynamic transparent insulation; Heat and moisture transfer and fluid flow in buildings and structures

Dr Guohui Gan

Sustainable building design, renewable energy, local energy systems, community energy, energy storage, building performance evaluation, energy/behaviour modelling and monitoring, urban resilience, smart buildings, low carbon technologies

Professor Mark Gillott

Measurement and modelling approaches to the indoor environment that can inform policies to create low-carbon and healthy building stocks. Energy efficient ventilation of buildings and its relationship with indoor air quality and occupant health

Dr Benjamin Jones

Energy saving in buildings, sustainable and green technologies, BIPV, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Modeling

Dr Parham Mirzaei Ahranjani

Design and modelling of compressed air energy storage for large-scale renewable energy integration into grid; Micro encapsulated phase change materials (MEPCM); Micro encapsulated phase change materials (MEPCM); Fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies;  PV self cleaning and cooling technologies for hot and arid climates

Dr Siddig Omer

PV/Thermal, daylighting, solar concentration, natural ventilation, air conditioning, heat pump, adsorption/absorption/ejector cooling, heat storage, desalination, applied thermodynamics, building energy simulation

Dr Yuehong Su

Sustainable practice of architecture, enhancing the quality of the built environment, Education for sustainability in architecture, energy use and comfort standards in developing countries, resilience of communities and buildings, Passive heating and cooling techniques, Modern methods of construction, prefabrication and custom-built homes, independent/assisted living

Dr Lucelia Taranto Rodrigues

Building Performance, Building Airtightness/ Infiltration, Building thermal performance, Building retrofit, Heat Pumps, Ground Source heat, Ground heat storage and extraction, Energy/ Thermal Piles, Sustainable energy technologies.

Dr Chris Wood

Design and simulation modelling, sustainable solutions in buildings in the private and public sector, innovative passive cooling technologies, laboratory scale testing, full-scale installation, indoor air quality (IAQ), renewable energy technologies, urban physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Building Energy Simulation and wind tunnel testing, passive cooling wind tower, reduction of energy in built environment, Building Energy Modelling (BEM), Neural networks, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Thermal comfort, Desalination, Thermochemical energy storage, Typhoon resilience, Heat island effect

Dr John Calautit

Creative energy homes, Participative Architectural Education, User Centered Sustainable Design, Identity & Technology transfer in a globalized world and Architectural education

Dr Guillermo Guzman Dumont

Sustainable design in architecture, passive design of buildings, thermal building performance, shading performance analysis, thermal comfort, comfort and energy efficiency in buildings, tropical architecture, learning from vernacular architecture and building regulations in developing countries (focus on comfort and energy efficiency).

Dr Lorna Kiamba

Smart Cities; Energy efficiency; Building Simulation; Overheating; Indoor Air Quality; Passivhaus; Thermal Mass; Energy Demand; Energy Monitoring; Data Monitoring; Building Regulations, Building Control

Dr Carlos Jimenez-Bescos

Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Professor Richard Hague (Head of group)

Microstructure and nano-mechanical properties, thermo-mechanical characterisation

Professor Ian Ashcroft

Broad economics of Additive Manufacturing, with an emphasis on developing a total cost vista on the technology

Dr Martin Baumers

Manufacturing parts with multiple materials using additive techniques, jetting processes

Professor Phillip Dickens

New materials for Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, predominantly focusing on laser sintering of polymers and the use of AM for biomaterials/bioengineering

Dr Ruth Goodridge

Application of novel polymer synthesis, catalysis and processing

Dr Derek Irvine

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Materials, Sensing and Electronics

Professor Chris Tuck

3D printing, additive manufacturing, microfluidics, materials, biomaterials

Professor Ricky Wildman

Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics

Structural engineering; structural steelwork; steel and steel-concrete composite connections; blind-bolted connections

Building information modelling, AI and decision support for engineering design, parametric design for structural resilience

Dr Walid Tizani (Head of Group)

Performance assessment, monitoring, and retrofitting of masonry and historical structures, durability and long-term performance of materials and structures, multi-scale experimental testing and computational modelling, computational mechanics and constitutive modelling, Innovative construction/strengthening materials

Dr Bahman Ghiassi

Ultralight weight materials/structures; micromechanics of composite materials; numerical simulations of materials behaviour under extreme environment; impact engineering; design optimisation of multifunctional materials/structures; modelling of live cells and cell mechanics

Dr Tao Liu

Multi-phase multi-physics numerical modelling, meta models, optimisation algorithms, sensitivity analysis, massive and parallel computations, BIM and parametric modelling, integration of numerical analysis in BIM software.

Dr Jelena Ninic

Wind Engineering, Dynamic response of structures to wind, Structural dynamics, Structural Health Monitoring

Dr John Owen

Performance based seismic assessment and retrofitting of structures; Novel and sustainable solutions for retrofitting of substandard construction; Innovative concrete for resilient and sustainable construction; Unreinforced masonry structures: assessment and restoration of cultural heritage

Dr Georgia Thermou

Computational Mechanics, multiscale modelling for damage processes, nonlinear dynamics, earthquake engineering, retrofitting methods for reinforced concrete and masonry, constitutive modelling

Dr Savvas Triantafyllou

Composites Research Group

Design and Manufacture of Composite Materials, particularly in the sectors of Automotive and Aerospace Engineering

Professor Nick Warrior (Head of Group)

Structural damping, Optimisation, Structural health monitoring, Lamb waves, Structural Identification, Acoustic and mechanical metamaterials

Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos

Solid state properties of polymers

Dr Davide De Focatiis

Polymer composites with an emphasis on pressurised and vacuum liquid moulding techniques as well as joining, including adhesive and mechanical approaches. 

Specialisation in the rail sector with additional research done in the automotive and aerospace areas.

Dr Mike Johnson

Composite materials, structural integrity and dynamics, stress analysis techniques including finite element analysis and multi-scale modelling.  Mechanics of composite materials including design optimisation

Professor Arthur Jones

Micromechanical characterisation of composites, Damage and failure of composites, Structural buckling and post-buckling analysis, 3D printing of continuous fibre reinforced composites.

Professor Shuguang Li

Manufacture and performance of composite materials

Professor Andy Long

Recycling of polymer composite materials, including processes for recovery of fibres and processing of recovered glass and carbon fibre into high value applications (experimental)

Professor Steve Pickering

Aerospace design for manufacture, Automation of composite manufacturing processes & Carbon fibre composite materials recycling and reuse

Dr Tom Turner

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses Research Group

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Dr Barbara Turnbull (Head of Group)

Experimental fluid dynamics, Computational fluid dynamics, Landslide-tsunamis (impulse waves), Scale effects in fluids and granular flows, Marine renewable energy

Dr Valentin Heller 

Earth Sciences, peatland carbon reservoir, utililising peat and thick lignite cores to obtain time resolved records of carbon accumulation and atmospheric deposition

Dr David Large

Fluid Mechanics, stratified & rotating flows, non-axisymmetric spin-up, turbulence/boundary interaction, sediment resuspension, turbulent dispersion

Dr Rick Munro

Enhanced Oil Recovery, porous media

Professor Sean Rigby

Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to a range of environmental and industrial flows

Professor David Hargreaves

Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group

Multiphase phase flows, Flow assurance, heat and mass transfer in multiphase flow, multiphase flow modelling, interfacial interactions, droplet entrainment and deposition, microfluidics and thin film dynamics

Dr Buddhika Hewakandamby (Head of Group)

Drag reduction, Boundary-layer control, Flow control, Turbulent boundary layer structures, Boundary layer transition, Deterministic turbulence, High-lift and quiet aerofoils, Plasma actuators, Unsteady flow control, Anti-icing and de-icing control, Turbulence, Aerodynamics

Professor Kwing-So Choi

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental two phase flow in particulate-gas, Numerical and experimental heat transfer, liquid-gas-solid systems, Absorption refrigeration, multiphase flows, heat transfer, Liquid atomisation, Wet steam measurement, turbulent reacting flows

Dr Donald Giddings

Experimental multiphase fluids, droplet impact, optical measurement techniques. Thermoacoustic for power generation. Shearing flows in gas/oil/aeroengine applications

Dr David Hann

Experimental aerodynamics and fluid dynamics; boundary layer flow control; drag reduction using passive and active technologies; active flow control system architectures for vehicle integration; heat transfer and novel cooling technologies, modeling and optimisation, thermal management, aeroacustics of synthetic jet actuators, noise reduction

Dr Mark Jabbal

Internal combustion research projects, diesel and gasoline engines projects with analytical, computational and experimental work elements; Heat Transfer; Crystal growth, Soot, Particulate matter, Soot-in-oil, Emission control, Powertrain, hybrids.

Dr Antonino La Rocca

The development and application of computational models to improve the understanding of multi-phase chemical and environmental process engineering problems including: modelling of the emission, dispersion and mitigation of fugitive dust; surface minerals extraction; environmental fluid flow phenomena.

Dr Ian Lowndes

Refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies, heat powered refrigeration systems, heat and mass transfer, engineering thermodynamics, nanofluid, refrigeration system, Thermal storage for building applications, dehumidification, tri-generation system

Dr Shenyi Wu

 Fluid flow and heat transfer, biomimetics, Efficient cooling technology, microchannel boiling and condensation, heat pipes, jet impingement, film cooling, Elelctrohydrodynamic, low carbon vehicle thermal management, Power electronics, Battery thermal management, HVAC in the built environment, Thermofluids

Professor Yuying Yan

Energy efficiency, vapour compression, heat pump, desiccant refrigeration, evaporative cooling, co-and tri-generations, thermal energy storage and recovery, building energy performance simulation and improvement, energy policy study, renewable energy (Solar, geothermal, wind, etc.)

Dr Jie Zhu

Automotive propulsion systems, Internal combustion engines, Exhaust waste heat recovery, Low carbon fuels, Alternative fuels, BatteriesPowertrain thermal management, Hybrid vehicles, Hybrid aircraft, Electric motors 

Professor Alasdair Cairns

NIR filtering, Absorptivity, Microfluidic, Thermal transport, Solar radiation, Material Cooling, Bio-inspired engineering, optics materials, structural fabrication assemblies, thermal functionality, synethetic polymer research, energy capture and storage, material composite function, multi-material layering

Dr Mark Alston

Wind energy, wind resource assessment, optimal layout and management of wind farm, flow control, optimization of passive and active control, turbine cooling, highly flexible structures, plasma actuation, data science artificial intelligence in fluid flow prediction and control, wind turbines

Dr Xuerui Mao

Food Water, Waste Research Group

Water quality, micropollutants (pharmaceutical drugs, steroid hormones, metals, antimicrobial resistance, microplastics), wastewater treatment, bioprocesses, novel adsorbents, enzymes, circular economy, water/waste reuse (irrigation, green bedding, pollutants to products), modelling and analytics (machine learning, ANN, mass spectrometry)

Dr Rachel Gomes (Head of Group)

Advances in control of food mixing operations, the effect of processing on microstructure control and extension of traditional unit operations to include performance of formulations of various consumer products

Professor Serafim Bakalis

Appropriate technology, sustainable materials, biogas, cookstoves, natural fibre composites, engineering education research.

Dr Mike Clifford

The circular economy, resource sustainability and waste. 

Sustainable extraction and production of raw materials, regeneration of materials, separation of materials and components for reuse, recovery of energy and biochemical value, materials production from waste derived and secondary resources, end of life solutions for hazardous materials

Dr Rebecca Ferrari

Environmental remediation, Resource Recovery, Wastewater treatment, Contaminated soils, Waste Management

Dr Helena Gomes

Human digestion; healthy foods; sustainable foods; gluten free; food structure; crystallisation and crystal structures; drying

Dr Ourania Gouseti

Digital Food and Drink Manufacturing, Ultrasonic Process Analytical Technologies, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion, Industrial Internet of Things Applications, Online Food Quality Assessment

Dr Nicholas Watson

  Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre

Rotordynamics, Machine Vibration and Dynamics, The Mathematics of Vibration, Integrating Energy Storage, The dynamics of coupled electrical and mechanical systems, Active Control of Machine Vibrations using Magnetic Bearings

Professor Seamus Garvey (Head of Group)

Computational mechanics; boundary element analysis and formulation; non-linear Finite Element analysis; high temperature creep applications; Structural Integrity; Welded structures; Continuum damage mechanics; Contact mechanics; Frictional stick/slip modelling; Plasticity; Fatigue; Fracture mechanics

Professor Adib Becker

Computational mechanics; non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Structural integrity; Welded structures; Contact mechanics; Plasticity; Fatigue; Room and high temperature material testing and characterisation; Additive material characterisation

Dr Chris Bennett

Applied Creep Mechanics

Dr Chris Hyde

Computational modelling of turbulent flow, in particular aerospace flows, using large eddy simulation (LES)

Dr Richard Jefferson-Loveday

Application of experimental and/or computational (primarily CFD) approaches to fluid flow and heat transfer including multiphase flow

Dr Kathy Simmons

Non-linear finite element computational mechanics modelling (creep, fatigue, damage, cyclic visco-plasticity, welding, contact and wear); Material behaviour characterisation (elastic-plastic, creep, fatigue, damage, fracture) and microstructure characterization; Development of material behaviour models; High temperature performance assessment methods of materials and components; Room and high temperature material testing, including miniature specimen testing methods. 

Professor Wei Sun

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics and analytical approaches to thermofluid design.

Dr Carol Eastwick

George Green Institute for Electromagnetic Research

Electromagnetic Compatibility, Computational Electromagnetics, Protection and Simulation of Power Networks

Professor David Thomas (Head of Group)

Experimental and numerical studies of electromagnetic fields and waves, with emphasis on mid-infrared photonics, sensing and electromagnetic compatibility

Professor Trevor Benson

Interaction between microwaves and molecular materials, implementation of dielectric spectroscopy techniques for on-line process monitoring. In-situ monitoring of biological systems. Non-destructive testing  of engineering materials. Multi-physics simulation and  design of microwave heating applicators for industrial processing

Dr Georgios Dimitrakis 

Experimental and computational electromagnetics, specifically the implementation of numerical algorithms on a variety of computational platforms and the simulation of systems for electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity studies

Dr Steve Greedy

Materials, devices and circuits for radio frequency and microwave applications, energy storage

Professor Ian Harrison    

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), focussing on RF emission and immunity measurements. These methods involve the use of a Fully Anechoic Room (FAR) and a GTEM cell

Dr Angela Nothofer

Making/characterising new mid-infrared (MIR) fibre-optics/devices like MIR fibre-lasers in world-class suite of labs, including class 10,000-cleanroom with fibre-tower. MIR photonics/biophotonics for portable, real-time, sensing and imaging, including for real-time, in-vivo cancer diagnosis

Professor Angela Seddon

All aspects of computational electromagnetics, with applications primarily to photonics and electromagnetic compatibility

Professor Phillip Sewell

Optical and optoelectronic modelling, numerical modelling of photonic devices

Dr Slawek Sujecki

Electromagnetics, optoelectronics and microwaves

Dr Ana Vukovic

Human Factors Research Group

Human factors aspects of virtual reality and interactive systems

Dr Sue Cobb (Head of Group)

Human Factors of future vehicles, including automated and autonomous vehicles: Human-Machine Interface design; Driver behaviour; Human Factors of navigation task

Dr Gary Burnett

Architecture and urban design; urban heritage conservation and revitalisation; public realm and place-making

Professor Tim Heath

Ubiquitous computing and the human factors of innovative digital services and technologies through Horizon Digital Economy Research

Dr Rob Houghton

Human factors, multisensory virtual environments, virtual training environments

Dr Glyn Lawson

Education in the built environment for ensuring a sustainable future, acoustic heritage

Dr Peter Rutherford

Human factors and digital technologies, human factors in future transport, technologies to support healthcare, digital manufacturing, intelligent mobility

Professor Sarah Sharples

Acoustics of complex structures, porous materials, Structural power flow measurement techniques

Dr Robin Wilson

  Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies Research Group

Distributed combined heat and power generation / co-generation; biomass technologies including combustion, gasification and pyrolysis; clean fossil fuel technologies including various carbon capture technologies/materials and clean coal technologies; fluidized beds; sustainable waste management and disposal; hydrogen production from biomass/coal

Professor Hao Liu (Head of Group)

Production of bio-based chemicals, materials and functional food ingredients from food waste and sustainable biomass sources through development of transformative microwave technologies including Microwave-Assisted Extraction, pretreatment and stabilisation.

Dr Eleanor Binner

Process modelling, process optimisation and techno-economic analysis of low-carbon energy technologies, including carbon capture and utilisation, as well as thermochemical and biochemical conversion of biomass and waste.

Dr Ioanna Dimitriou

Fossil energy technologies, carbon capture, biomass conversion and hydrothermal carbonisation. 

Professor Colin Snape 

Catalysis and energy conversion, carbon capture technologies and related advanced gas clean-up systems

Dr Chenggong Sun

Solar façade (Smart Window, PV, Concentrating PV, Transparent Insulation Materials etc.), Thermal Energy Storage, District Heating System, Building energy simulation, Integration of renewable/cleaner fossil energy systems into buildings and built environment

Dr Yupeng Wu

Petroleum geochemistry, oil biodegradation, analytical pyrolysis, biomass conversion, isolation and quantification of pyrogenic carbon & biochar

Dr Will Meredith

Use of sustainable feedstocks, bioenergy and biochemical production, oil/solid separation processes and microwave heating technologies

Dr John Robinson

Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics

Tunnelling, soil-structure interaction, geotechnical centrifuge testing, numerical and analytical modelling

Dr Alec Marshall  (Head of group)

Cyclic behaviour of soil-structure interfaces; Geotechnical centrifuge testing; Element testing

Dr Charlie Heron

Construction vibrations, Pile dynamics, Geohazard monitoring, Health assessment of aging infrastructure, Modern subsurface characterization, Soil dynamics

Dr Athina Gkrizi

Micromechanics of soil behaviour

Professor Glenn McDowell 

Vibration-Based Damage Detection; Soil-Structure interaction; Offshore Foundations; Structural Health Monitoring; Vehicle-Bridge Interaction

Dr Luke Prendergast

Nottingham Geospatial Institute

Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems

Professor Terry Moore (Head of Group)

Space Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Ionospheric Effects on GNSS and their mitigation

Dr Marcio Aquino

Development of GPS/GNSS techniques for monitoring vertical land movements at tide gauges in relation to climate-driven changes in sea level

Dr Richard Bingley

Geological mapping, natural resoures exploration, mapping and monitoring of geohazards. Satellite, airborne and ground based Earth Oberservation techniques

Dr Stephen Grebby

Navigation systems, GNSS Integrity Augmentation, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in construction projects throughout the whole lifecycle of the built infrastructure

Dr Chris Hill

Geological mapping, natural resoures exploration, mapping and monitoring of geohazards. Satellite, airborne and ground based Earth Oberservation techniques. 

Professor Stuart Marsh

Ubiquitous Positioning, Location Based Services, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services, Network Real-Time Kinematic GNSS Positioning and Quality Issues

Dr Xiaolin Meng

 Geospatial engineering, structural health monitoring

Dr Panagiotis Psimoulis

Design, navigation and Control of UAVs, sensor technologies and control of aircraft systems

Dr Xinhua Wang

Design and Application of Human Tracking Systems, Movement Model Supported Navigation, Ubiquitous Positioning Technologies, Position and Orientation Determination

Dr James Pinchin

Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre

Micro-structural and mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures

Professor Gordon Airey (Head of Group)

Nearshore physical oceanography, and coastal dynamics and engineering

Professor Nick Dodd

Materials and structures, automation of construction and maintenance techniques

Dr Alvaro Garcia Hernandez

Life cycle assessment and carbon footprint of construction products, corporate social responsibility, skidding resistance and its relation to accidents and pavement materials and design

Dr Tony Parry

Design and analysis of pavements and railway trackbeds; materials for pavements and railway trackbeds

Dr Nick Thom

Optics and Photonics Research Group

Novel medical device design, photoplethysmography, Smart fabric wearable medical devices, design and fabrication of custom integrated circuits for medical instrumentation

Professor Barrie Hayes-Gill 

Semiconductor diode lasers; device simulation and design; device characterisation and reliability; optical fibre sensors; sensing systems for healthcare applications

Dr Steve Bull

Nanoscale Bioelectronics and Biophotonics

Dr Serhiy Korposh

Design and fabrication of nanophotonic devices and photonic integrated circuits, nano-biophotonics high-speed and high-brightness semiconductor lasers

Professor Eric Larkins

Biomedical engineering, optical fibre sensing for healthcare, wearable devices, smart textiles, applications in monitoring in critical care, diabetes, gerontology, sports.

Professor Stephen Morgan

Physiology of transparent tissues of the eye, Real-time, label-free imaging of small molecular transport, Electrophysiology and impedance characterisation of barrier tissues, Trans-epithelial drug delivery and barrier function, Raman micro spectroscopy and biosensing using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), Hydrodynamic imaging and condenser-free contrast enhancement methods

Dr Kevin Webb

Optically trapped probes for micro-rheology of soft material, single-cell mechano-sensing, single-molecule manipulation and characterisation, novel optical microscopy techniques for imaging deep into 3D culture

Dr Amanda Wright

Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group

Power Electronics, Power Converters, More Electric Aircraft, Power Converters for Power System applications, All Electric Aircraft Matrix Converters, Multi-level/Modular Power Converters, Use of SiC/GaN Power Semiconductors, AC Motor Drives

Professor Patrick Wheeler (Head of Group)

Aircraft Electric Power Systems

Dr Serhiy Bozhko

Multi-domain multi-level abstraction modelling and simulation of power components and assemblies, novel packaging and integration approaches for semiconductor power devices, high-temperature electronics (SiC), enhanced driving of semiconductor power devices, optimized cooling of power components and assemblies , online electro-thermal characterization of power devices, development of techniques for degradation monitoring, reliability investigations

Dr Alberto Castellazi

Power converter topologies and applications, modular multi-level converters and derived circuits, high power resonant converters, matrix converters and other direct AC-AC converters, HVDC power conversion systems, high power DC-DC converters, control and modulation strategies for power converters

Professor Jon Clare 

Power converters topologies modelling and control, Modular multilevel power converters for HVDC applications, Stability analysis of AC and DC microgrids, DC-DC converters

Dr Alessandro Costabeber

Electrical machines, electromagnetic launch systems, linear machines, induction machines and transportation systems

Dr Tom Cox

Computational modelling of power electronics, thermal management in power electronics, applications for wide-bandgap power semiconductor devices

Dr Paul Evans

Design, analysis and thermal management of electrical machines and drives

Dr Michael Galea

High performance motor drive systems for transport applications, high speed machines, High torque density electrical machines

Professor Christopher Gerada

Power semiconductor devices, power device packaging, reliability and thermal management, power module technology

Professor Mark Johnson

Design, control and evaluation of novel/advanced power electronic converter topologies for various applications where fast control of power and/or high conversion efficiency

Dr Christian Klumpner

Research focused on power electronics, devices, semiconductors and (more recently) on machines and batteries. Particular interest in adapting these technologies for use in automotive applications e.g for vehicles with more electric power train and for servicing the grid. 

Dr Neo Lophitis

Energy management strategies for renewables and smart distribution systems, fault detection and location strategies, including for arc faults, and applied to ships and aircraft

Professor Mark Sumner

Analysis, design and optimization of high power density electrical machines, high speed high frequency machines and synchronous generators, and magnetic material characterization and their applications

Dr Gaurang Vakil

Design, analysis and thermal management of electrical machines and magnetic components for electric vehicle applications

Dr Adam Walker

Power Electronics and Control methods for High Power Applications, including the use of Modular Multilevel Converter Topologies and Resonant High Voltage converters

Dr Alan Watson

Aerospace electrical power systems

Dr Tao Yang

Control modelling and stability of power converter systems, Control of electrical drives, Model predictive control, repetitive control, grid connected converters, power quality and active filters, design and system identification using heuristic optimization Algorithms

Professor Pericle Zanchetta  

Resilience Engineering Research Group

Asset management, system availability and reliability

Professor John Andrews (Head of Group)

Life-cycle analysis of structures, structural risk analysis, structural asset management, safety of existing structures, robustness and resilience of structures, timber structures

Dr Luis Canhoto Neves

Railway track asset management, modelling maintenance in railway infrastructure management

Dr Darren Prescott

Fault diagnostics and prognostics techniques for aircraft and railway industry; efficiency and safety in healthcare

Dr Rasa Remenyte-Prescott

Sustainable Process Technologies Research Group

Biochemical processes, mass transfer in novel reactor designs, Sustainable development, connecting industrial and agricultural waste streams to value-adding products, Synergistic integration between biochemical and chemical conversion, Creation of carbon efficient non-natural biochemical pathways

Professor Alex Conradie (Head of Group)

Radicals, free radicals, radical enzymes, ionic liquids, intermolecular interactions, reactivity, chemical mechanisms, enzymology, mycolic acids, phenolics, biotransformations, bioprocessing, data science, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics

Dr Anna Croft

Computational chemistry, enzymatic and chemical catalysis, rational enzyme design, molecular modelling and self-assembly

(Associate) Professor Christof Jaeger

Life cycle assessment / life cycle analysis / LCA; Techno-economic analysis / TEA; Evaluating emerging process technologies, materials, and energy products; Waste valorisation and circular economy; Policy analysis – biofuels, waste

Dr Jonathan McKechnie

Catalysis, biocatalysis, enzyme engineering, artificial metalloenzymes, rational design

Dr Anca Pordea

Advanced chemistry, reaction engineering, real-time analytics, intelligent algorithms

Dr Victor Sans Sangorrin

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