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Coursework extensions - students with support plans

If you have a Support Plan, we recognise that you may need an extension to coursework deadlines and this is detailed in your plan. Coursework extensions will be subject to review and approval by your School.

From 4 April 2022 new forms will be launched as part of a pilot scheme for all students with support plans requesting a coursework extension in Arts or Engineering modules.

Please access the relevant forms via the links below:

Faculty of Engineering - Request a Coursework Extension form

Faculty of Arts  - Request a Coursework Extension form

All other schools - How to request a coursework extension 

Email the coursework extension request form before the original deadline to your Faculty Assessment Team (via email below) to review and confirm the request. 

Coursework Extension Request Form

The Assessment Team direct email addresses are:


The coursework extension request form can only be used for one extension request per piece of work and does not need to include any supporting documentation. 

If you have already been granted an extension on the basis of a Support Plan but your circumstances have changed, such that you would like to request a further extension to the already extended deadline, please follow the Extenuating Circumstances procedure.



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