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Services and information for sponsored students

Sponsored Students

If you are sponsored by a third party, for example a company, government or employer, you must provide evidence of sponsorship. Examples of accepted evidence would be either:

  • a signed and dated letter on official headed paper, confirming funding for the duration of the course (or academic year if applicable) at the University of Nottingham and including your full name and course details or;
  • an email from an officially recognised email address, confirming funding for the duration of the course  (or academic year if applicable) at the University of Nottingham, including your full name and course details

Sponsorship documentation will only be accepted from recognised sponsors, as determined by the University. The University does not recognise individuals and members of your family as a sponsor.  The University reserves the right not to invoice sponsors who have poor payment history/outstanding fees. In such cases, you may be invoiced personally for fees.

How to submit evidence of funding

Upload a copy of your sponsor letter to MyNottingham.  Please include your name and Student ID in the file name when saving the document. Alternatively, you can email your sponsor letter to sponsorship-support@nottingham.ac.uk


Remember: If your sponsorship is confirmed on an annual basis, you must ensure that an up to date letter is submitted at the start of each payment period (normally the start of each academic year)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Failure to submit a valid sponsor letter within 14 days of registration will result in you being invoiced personally for fees
  2. If the sponsor letter submitted is not recognised, you will be invoiced personally for fees
  3. Third Party (Sponsor) invoices will be issued as per the amounts detailed in your sponsor letter
  4. Invoices are issued on an annual basis, normally per academic year.  If you have a non-standard start date then your fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  5. Third Party (Sponsor) invoices are payable in full within 21 days of invoice.  If a sponsor is unable to pay within the given timeframe, the Sponsor-Relations Team will contact your sponsor.  In exceptional circumstances, a payment plan may be considered.
  6. If your fees remain unpaid by your sponsor, you will be informed and asked to meet with staff from the Sponsor Relations/Debt Services team to discuss (this is to make you aware of the outstanding charges and potential implications for your studies)
  7. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure any shortfall of fees are paid by any given deadline
  8. Should your fees remain outstanding at the end of the academic year, you may be prevented from re-registering onto the next academic year or prevented from graduation (whichever is sooner)

Overpayments and Refunds

If for any reason your sponsor overpays against an invoice, the overpayment will be held by the University and carried forward to pay against any future invoices (tuition fee charges).  If your sponsor wishes to reallocate the payment against another student’s account or to refund directly to you eg for your living costs, we would require that they make a written request to the Sponsor Relations Team.

If your sponsor requires a refund for any overpayment, they would need to submit a written request, confirming bank account details.  We are unable to action any refund requests without prior confirmation of bank account information.

If for any reason you pay fees personally and subsequently receive sponsorship, the University will refund the amount paid, once payment from your sponsor has been received.  Refunds are made to the original payee.

Progress Reports/Confirmation of marks

The University of Nottingham will normally provide confirmation of marks/details of academic progress (normally at the end of each semester) to sponsors.  This is often a requirement of funding terms and conditions. 

Sponsor Relations Team

If you have any questions relating to your sponsorship, please contact us

Email: sponsorship-support@nottingham.ac.uk

Telephone: + 44 (0)115 74 86018

Our team

We offer a drop in service where you can come and meet with one of our team to discuss a range of issues relating to your sponsorship.