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Have you checked that your circumstances are ‘extenuating circumstances’?

Further information about the sort of circumstances covered and not covered by the procedure can be found in the Guidance on Circumstances and Evidence.  


Are you submitting a claim close to a submission deadline or an assessment?

It may not be possible for your School/Department to consider the claim before the relevant deadline or examination or for you to acquire the necessary evidence. 

For an examination you will need to decide whether to miss the examination.

For a coursework deadline you must submit any work that you have done by the time of the original deadline.  

If your claim is not subsequently approved you will receive a mark of zero for the relevant examination (if you did not attend). If you submitted the coursework you had done by the original deadline, that submission will be marked.


Have you made your case clear? 

Please don’t assume the EC Board know you or know your circumstances - you have to tell them!  EC claims are frequently held up while further details are sought or even rejected because students haven’t explained what happened and the impact. This is true even if you have already made the University aware of these circumstances.

Remember, Panels will consider not only the circumstances cited, but the information you provide in support of your claim of impact.  You need to explain and evidence the practical impact of your situation on your ability study.


Are you submitting outside the EC timescales?

Coursework:  Claims must be submitted before the coursework deadline.

Timetabled examinations/assessments:  Claims must be submitted prior to, or within seven days of, the examination.

If your claim is being made outside the EC timescales, don’t forget to provide a compelling explanation for and supporting evidence of the reasons for late submission, for example, you were in hospital.

Panels will automatically reject late claims if you don’t provide this information.


Additional information, guidance and advice is available in the full EC procedure and on the Students’ Union website


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