The majority of University of Nottingham students have the opportunity to spend some time abroad during their university degree.

This could be in the form of study for either a semester, full year or summer or a work experience or volunteering opportunity.





What you need to know

Study abroad

If you are considering studying abroad, look through the opportunities available for your degree programme on the Global opportunities by faculty webpages.

For information about all the study abroad opportunities the university offers and contact details, please visit the Global opportunities homepage.

Work experience and volunteering abroad

If you’re considering gaining international work experience, visit the Careers and Employability Service: Opportunities outside the UK webpage for further information about where to find opportunities and testimonials from former students.

Please be aware that global opportunities, optional placements/internships and integrated year in industry opportunities may change at any time for a number of reasons, including curriculum developments, changes to arrangements with partner universities or placement/industry hosts, travel restrictions or other circumstances outside of the university's control. Every effort will be made to update this information as quickly as possible should a change occur.