Global Evidence Network 4 Health
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University of Nottingham Global Evidence Network 4 Health

The aim of the network is to promote and raise awareness of the University of Nottingham as a Centre of Excellence in evidence-based healthcare and veterinary medicine.

We are a vibrant, diverse, growing community made up of experienced academic researchers, clinical and veterinary practitioners and information scientists, all specialising in evidence-based approaches.

Together, we publish structured reviews (e.g. systematic reviews, critically appraised topics) using a variety of methodologies, through the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), Cochrane, GRADE, BestBETS for Vets and in key scientific journals, with the aim of improving healthcare practices all over the world.

The network currently covers a wide spectrum of topics in evidence-based healthcare, including dermatology, veterinary medicine, child health, public health, nursing, midwifery, schizophrenia, arthritis and hand surgery.

Across the network we deliver JBI-accredited training courses, external training to support Cochrane-style systematic reviews and a number of the Cochrane Group editorial teams are based at the university.

Network Objectives

  • To promote coordination and collaboration between individuals and the Centres in evidence-based healthcare
  • To establish a supportive and inclusive community of practice in evidence-based healthcare

Our current activities are:

  • Collaboration on methodological innovation and research around evidence synthesis and clinical practice guideline development
  • Collaboration for the conduct of systematic reviews and clinical practice guideline development
  • Development of CPD / training (internal and external) – income generation
  • Public involvement and engagement
  • Policy engagement, mentorship and consultancy

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Global Evidence Network 4 Health

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