Agricultural and Environmental Systems Analysis

Agricultural and Environmental Systems

This work uses modeling and survey approaches to improve our understanding of agri-environmental systems and consequently to assess the effects that controllable and uncontrollable factors have on these systems. UK research has addressed adaptation to climate change at the catchment level, modeling of uncertainty, nutrient budgeting and N-loss mitigation, and approaches to model simplification. Within the Farm Business Survey farmer actions and attitudes towards water use and environmental management have been captured. In Thailand, mathematical programming and life cycle analysis techniques are being used to model rice-based cropping systems; in Ghana, the effects of commercialization on agricultural sustainability are being captured through farmer and industry surveys

Aerial view of a farm 

Understanding interactions between agriculture and the environment requires farm-systems approaches.




Key aims and expertise

We aim to improve our understanding of agri-environmental systems, including the management and policy interventions that can influence these systems. To achieve this, representative surveys are conducted and models constructed; these models are designed to capture trade-offs within the underlying systems with particular emphasis on the mitigation of negative externalities (greenhouse gases, nitrate loss, ecotoxicity) and resulting trade-offs from different mitigation measures.

Systems analysis draws upon primary and secondary data sources, including the Farm Business Survey for England and farm-level surveys within Ghana and Thailand. Modeling expertise is provided within the group and the wider research community within the School of Biosciences.

Current projects

Farm-level modeling and environmental impact assessment of rice-based cropping systems in Thailand (Ramsden, S.J.; Wilson, P)

Commercialisation and agricultural sustainability in Ghana (Ramsden, S.J.; Wilson, P)

Biophysical modelling of wheat yields drawing upon environmental and agronomic data (Wilson, P; Crout, N.)

Significant results


Agricultural and Environmental Systems Analysis

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