Fundamental Research Using Model Plants

Understanding Plant Development

Drawing on the wealth of genetic and genomic resources for the model plant Arabidopsis research in this strand is focused on understanding the fundamental mechanisms controlling plant growth and development. This activity is part of a pipeline for translation of information from models to crops (see other Plant and Crop Science strands).

Plant Development

Key aims and expertise

The Fray Group has demonstrated an essential role for mRNA methylation in normal plant development and stress responses and they have developed new tools for studying this widespread but poorly understood eukaryotic post-transcriptional modification. The Swarup group works on root development with special interests in auxin transport, protein trafficking and the role of regulatory non protein coding RNAs. Zinnia Gonzalez-Carranza are investigating F-box proteins and microRNA regulation during the abscission process. Kevin Pyke’s research focuses on plastid development.

Current projects

Studying post-transcriptional adenosine methylation as a regulator of gene expression and development of new analytical tools. (Rupert Fray)

Protein trafficking and auxin transport especially in roots (Ranjan Swarup)

Significant results


Fundamental Research Using Model Plants

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