We welcome, on an ongoing basis, proposals for: 

  • articles (6,000 to 8,000 words in length) 
  • book reviews (400 to 1,500 words in length)
  • translations (into English) of articles originally published in other languages, annotated translations of poems, short stories, and other texts.

As a postgraduate and early career researcher journal invested in interdisciplinarity, we have a purposely broad remit - any article that discusses language(s) and texts in relation to past or present societies is of interest to us. This may include: 

  • Innovative methods to produce, collect, and study texts  
  • Texts in professional and educational contexts  
  • How texts shape experience and cultural legacy  
  • Translation of languages and cultures  
  • Cultural impact of performance texts 

Abstracts of 250 words should be submitted if you would like to check that your topic fits into our issue before working on the full article, translation or book review. Alternatively, please contact our editors to discuss your topic. Send your submissions and queries to or use the contact form.

Style guide

Please refer to our Contributor Style Guide when preparing manuscripts for submission to ensure that all document formatting is consistent with our conventions.

Our article template demonstrates use of the style guide.

Contributors should ensure that material submitted to the Journal of Languages, Texts, and Society conforms to the Modern Languages Association style. For anything not found in this guide, consult the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition, 2016 or contact the Production Editor with queries on journal style.   

The MLA Style Center also offers a free, quick guide to the MLA style.   

Contributors should use in-text citations and provide a list of alphabetised works cited. Footnotes should be used sparingly and only to provide additional information.

Tips for article contributors

We have compiled a few of our top tips for article contributors based upon previous feedback to help with submissions. For more information on what happens once articles have been submitted, refer to our review process

Article processing and submission charges

Submissions to the Journal of Languages, Texts and Society are completely free; there are no processing charges or any other charges of any kind.

We are committed to editorial transparency. We guarantee that all submissions to the Journal are treated equally, whether they come from editorial team members or external contributors. All articles and translations are subjected to the same editorial processes, including a double-blind peer review. Manuscripts submitted by editorial team members will not be privileged over external contributions or processed more quickly.

Review process

Upon being submitted, papers are read by the editorial team and, if deemed viable candidates for the Journal of Languages, Texts and Society, they then undergo a double-blind peer review process. For this, each paper is reviewed by both a postgraduate and an established academic.  

The two reviewers will provide one of four recommendations for the paper: “Accept Unconditionally”; “Accept with Minor Revisions”; “Accept with Major Revisions”; and “Revise and Resubmit”. Authors will receive general feedback, comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the article, and suggestions for revisions. If asked to provide minor or major revisions, the Journal will agree a deadline with the author for their submission of the revised paper. 

We screen all submissions for plagiarism.

Once accepted, the production team will format the paper in line with the Journal’s style. Authors may be contacted again at this stage to discuss any alterations and be asked to check that they are happy with the proofs of their work. 

Following this, the paper will be published online on the Journal of Languages, Texts and Society website on an ongoing basis, before additionally being collated into the Journal’s forthcoming Issue. 


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