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The Asia Research Institute policy briefs

The Asia Research Institute sent calls for policy briefs from academics conducting Asia-based research connected with the SDGs. 6 policy briefs were received which allow the Asia Research Institute to gauge the breadth of policy-oriented research across Faculties and campuses. This exercise also enabled them to devise effective ways of supporting researchers and to tailor their approach to developing links between the latter and policy makers. The Asia Research Institute will generate events in Asia around one or two of these briefs with a view to influencing policy recommendations in Asia. The policy briefs also provide a useful format for the dissemination of policy-oriented research to the media and policy-makers.

The following projects have an EDI component:

· Inclusive education in ASEAN countries: how to support children with disabilities in schools. Dr Tze Peng Wong (Education, UNM). Disability, reduced inequalities

· Inclusive growth: how to encourage persons with disabilities into the labour market. Ms Gan Siew Wei, Dr Vengadeshvaran Sarma and Mr Tang Yu Hoe (NUBS, UNM). Disability, reduced inequalities

· Supporting full participation of mothers in the labour market: Childcare-related leave policy lessons from East Asian economies. Dr Ruby Chau (Sociology, UNUK). Gender







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