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Dr David Kiwuwa, Associate Professor in International Studies, School of International Studies, School Director of Research, UNNC

Dr Kiwuwa’s research investigates democratic transition and democratization processes in deeply divided societies, ethnic and nationalism politics, conflict analysis, electoral studies and China-Africa contemporary political relations. In particular, he researches the extent to which China’s infrastructure investment in the Global South leads to peace building. Over above the dissemination of his research through traditional academic channels, he is also a political commentator who has often been quoted in a number of leading presses around the world. His opinion pieces have featured on CNN, the Guardian, and The Conversation.

During our consultation Dr Kiwuwa pointed out that while he had not until that point considered an EDI dimension to his research, he was keen to pose new research questions that would expand his research expertise, for example: “How inclusive are democratisation processes in Africa to women?”, “What is the impact of China’s infrastructure investment in Africa on women?”. Dr Kiwuwa emphasised that collaborations with colleagues with EDI expertise would enable him to consolidate his hard-earned areas of expertise, rather than move away from them, while transcending the ‘normal’ parameters that constitute his research comfort zone. Such collaborations would lead to optimal levels of engagement and create new impetus for policy impact.

Dr Kiwuwa concluded that what was required from the D&IRH was the generation of conversations across academics across Faculties and campuses to create collaborative research that others, like him, did not think they could do and that they certainly cannot do on their own. He commented that UoN has yet to realise its fullest policy impact potential by leveraging the international dimensions of UoN. The point that UoN does not make the most of its internationalisation agenda was brought up by several colleagues. Dr Kiwuwa and other established academics at UNNC have built strong networks and have access to large audiences in China which they can open up to research colleagues in the UK and Malaysia.

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