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Trans-inclusive feminism

Dr Katharine Jenkins, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts

Dr Jenkins has used her research in trans-inclusive feminism to influence transgender equality policy. The Government Gender Recognition Act of 2018, which allowed individuals to change their birth certificate if they are transgendered, generated anti-trans phobia in the UK. In an attempt to address anti-trans phobia, Dr Jenkins, with the help of the Institute for Policy and Engagement, held a panel discussion and debate in Parliament in June 2019, The Gender-Recognition Act: a trans-inclusive feminist approach. The aim was to explore the following question “Can we protect the rights of trans people without creating obstacles to women’s equality and safety?” Dr Jenkins produced a policy brief with Dr Ruth Pearce drawing on academic research in feminist philosophy, sociology and law to set out a case in favour of self-determination reform and to demonstrate that concerns that the Gender-Recognition Act reform will cause harms to cis women (i.e. women who are not transgendered) are unfounded. This policy brief was presented at Westminster.

The Institute for Policy and Engagement supported the event through funding, liaison and logistics.







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